That wasn’t so bad now was it?

Aww, NaBloPoMo is over today. We’re all winners right? I managed to post at least once every day in November! Sometimes a little more because I had lots to say 😉

The good news is one month of posting did not damage how much I like my new blog 🙂 I like that I have new bloggy friends and I get a big smile everytime I get a new comment, I love checking my email. But, I’ll be glad to not feel pressure to post every day anymore. Sometimes it’s hard on weekends!


6 Weird Things about Me

According to the rules…
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“6 Weird Things about You”.
People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog!

I was tagged by J

  1. I don’t like Coke or Pepsi, I drink them only when I have no other options. My favorite beverage has always been water. And I will not drink plain milk ever. Ew.
  2. The absolute last thing I do each night before turning out the light is pee. If I have done anything else in between I can’t fall asleep because I’m convinced I’ll have to get up in the middle of the night.
  3. I could be perfectly happy with a television that got only two stations: The National Geographic Channel, and the Discovery-Health Channel.
  4. I met my Husband online. I swear, I never thought that really happened.
  5. I dissect, grind up, and analyze vaginas for a living. And I don’t think it’s gross.
  6. I’ve only used my passport once, I went to Ecuador for an outreach trip in college. The weird part is not that I have straddled the equator, it’s that what I was most excited about on the trip was seeing a real live active volcano! (I saw many! And I secretly hoped one would erupt while we were there, I thought that would be soooo cool)

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Scooter’s Mom
At Your Cervix

We wouldn’t be having this conversation if it was brain cancer.

I got my HPV vaccine last night and I think you should go get yours too. I saw a flyer up at the hospital across the street that a certain doctor’s office was having a vaccine clinic and underneath was a list of insurance companies that would foot the bill for women 9-26 years old. We all know how I can’t pass up a free vaccine and I’m 25 so I made an appointment. (And Yes, it’s still recommended if you’re married. And No, having a previous abnormal pap smear doesn’t preclude you… so get to it)

I’m not going to lie, the shot hurt like a bitch and I’m not looking forward to #2 & #3.

I was pleased to see that the waiting room was full of parents and daughters. I have to admit I was a little concerned. Since the release of the vaccine there has been a huge public awareness campaign about HPV and cervical cancer. I have to admit, I cringe just a little when they talk about cervical cancer being sexually transmitted. I’ve been concerned that approach would backfire. I had read that after the vaccine was released and they were recommending vaccinating girls before they turned 11 (as the vaccine is most effective prior to the first sexual encounter) there were people publicly denouncing the vaccine. I assume this is the same group of people that are opposed to teaching about birth control in schools. ”If you teach them about birth control they are more likely to have sex, and if you vaccinate them against sexually transmitted cervical cancer they’re more likely to have sex.” All I can say is we wouldn’t be having this conversation if it was a vaccine against breast cancer, brain cancer, leukemia etc etc. My concern with how they’re running the new public awareness campaign is that so many people thought cervical cancer started randomly just like any other cancer, but now they’re shouting loud and clear that people get cervical cancer as a result of a sexually transmitted infection. I would guess it’s only a matter of time before people consider it an STD and there is such a stigma on STDs. I would hate for women who have cervical cancer to have to face the same kind of prejudice that people who smoke and get lung cancer, or people that get AIDS have to deal with.

I was discussing all this with Husband last night. He agreed with me, as I knew he would. He said he can’t understand why American’s are so backward about stuff like this. Right now they’re recommending the vaccine for women 9-26. I personally feel that A. the vaccine should be mandatory prior to Junior High and B. they should also vaccinate boys. I know HPV doesn’t lead to cancer in men, and men rarely even know they have HPV, but they spread it around just the same. How would you feel if you were a man and gave your wife/girlfriend HPV or she ended up getting cancer. I’d feel awful. I wouldn’t want that responsibility.

I got mine, go get yours.

Yes I wash my apples with soap

Yesterday I had an apple with lunch. Prior to putting it in my mouth, I washed it. With soap. My coworker gave me a weird look. I said, “What? You don’t wash your apples?” He said “Just rinse”. I said “Well, I use soap. All those grubby people at wal-mart touching my apple, bleh”. I wouldn’t lick their fingers, so I wash my apples with soap.

Raise your hand if you paid a little too much attention in microbiology.

Unexpected but fabulous side-effect

This NaBloPoMo is having a (stupidly) unexpected yet entirely fabulous side effect. I’m getting more comments, and I LOVE IT! Because every time I get a comment I go to that person’s blog to check it out, my bookmarked blogs are multiplying like rabbits! I’ve had to start an entirely new folder in my bookmark bar just to house all the blogs I now intend to read regularly. This is so cool 🙂 I mean who doesn’t love a little advice on how to kill mold? Or someone commenting that they too think the person who googled “how to kill a tegu” needs help?

My favorite feature? The NaBloPoMo randomizer! Now this is technology at it’s greatest!

Not so sure about this :-/

Today my father came over to supervise my husband installing a bathroom vent. We need a bathroom vent quite badly but it’s hard to get plumbers/electricians to come over for a little couple-hundred dollar job. My husband is now perched out on the roof of the dining room with a very large drill. Drilling directly into the house while my father is leaning out and supervising from the bedroom window… The last time I checked everyone still had all their fingers and toes. I’m nervous!

Never Enough

Even when I have a stretch of a few days off I just never seem to be able to get enough sleep! I guess it’s worth it though, thus far my 4 day weekend has been quite great. I’ve managed to keep totally busy with various social engagements each day I had a lunch date today with some friends I haven’t seen in quite some time. I’m not sure how good of company I was given I’m still feeling the effects of the party we went to last night! But I came home from my lunch and our living room was cleaned in my absence. Someone gets brownie points!!!