Not so sure about this :-/

Today my father came over to supervise my husband installing a bathroom vent. We need a bathroom vent quite badly but it’s hard to get plumbers/electricians to come over for a little couple-hundred dollar job. My husband is now perched out on the roof of the dining room with a very large drill. Drilling directly into the house while my father is leaning out and supervising from the bedroom window… The last time I checked everyone still had all their fingers and toes. I’m nervous!


2 thoughts on “Not so sure about this :-/

  1. We need a bathroom vent, too… Jonathan had the great idea that if we close the bathroom door that it’s one less room to heat in the house. Yes, true, but what happens to all of the steam and moisture??? lol I think the idea is to open our window, but that’s a little contradictory, huh? 😀

  2. Yeah that’s why we’ve been showering with the window open…. “brr” So far so good with the bathroom vent.

    Husband is constantly trying to come up with ways to close off rooms and avoid heating them.

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