24w1d — Plus Bonus: What flavor baby is it?!

According to my phone tracker baby SSFB is now the size of a eggplant =o ! And close to 2lbs! I’ve definitely made it to the “she’s pregnant” appearance rather than a “is she pregnant or did she just have too many cookies?”


As far as I know things are going well. I first felt the baby move at 16 weeks, just a couple

light taps at first that left me thinking “is that what I thought it was?” and then it slowly increased in frequency to maybe once a day, then maybe more than once a day, then right at about 18 weeks I caught the first kick from the outside with my hand. At 19w3d I managed to get hubbin to catch his first kick with his hand, which was magical and I finally allowed him to post about it on facebook cause he was SO excited. Now I feel definite periods of activity versus baby sleep


We had our big ultrasound about a month ago and managed to keep it a secret from alllllll family members, including my MIL who lives in our basement. I bought little gender appropriate colored items (just small things like a bib that says “I love grandma” etc) for them to open on Thanksgiving so everyone could learn at the SAME time this time, unlike the

beginning when he told his mom weeks before I was aware and weeks before we told my parents.

Image My official weight gain right now is 5-6 lbs. I’m pretty sure one of us is gaining weight cause my belly is big and bras don’t fit, I’m just not sure it’s me, my face looks thinner like I’ve lost weight. My excuse is I’m still just plain not feeling well most of the time, I was super looking forward to having cart blanche to eat whatever I wanted and be like “mwa haha! I’m pregnant who cares!”… but I find most foods to still be fairly off putting. I totally bought the rumor that morning sickness is only a little past the first trimester, but I’ve had to keep calling for zofran refills. I’ve managed to not take any since thanksgiving but have only probably had a mild uptake in food since then. Anyway without further ado…..


It’s a GIRL!!!!

Hubbin was kind of hoping for a girl, I am pretty sure I didn’t have a preference after waiting for so long, but am a little nervous I’m not ‘girly’ enough for a girl.


2 thoughts on “24w1d — Plus Bonus: What flavor baby is it?!

  1. I LOVE IT!!! We just hit 16 weeks on Saturday. 😉 And we’re finding out what “flavor” we’re having next Wednesday, HURRAY! I haven’t felt well this pregnancy, either… I have been losing weight so far, but I’m not exactly super skinny, so this is okay, right? I guess that the first calories you eat go straight to the baby… I manage to hit 1500 calories on a good day, and because of my weight, I’m really supposed to be closer to 2300 calories. I just can’t get there!! Anyhow. 🙂 It’s fun comparing pregnancies. 🙂

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