Spiced Wine


Today is 4dpo or 3dpiui and I’m pretty sure time has ground to a complete halt. I am not sure how I will make it through the next 10/11 days…

In other news it was snowing today, enough to stick on the ground for only the second time this winter. I celebrated by experiment with a new spiced wine recipe I found online – it was delish and smells even better – while burning my pine candle. Made us some tastey green bean casserole and honey mustard chicken for dinner which was perfect cold weather food. We even hauled my MIL up out of her apartment to eat in the living room and we watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer over dinner.

I’m not decorating this year. Not even a bit. My MIL was pestering me in the subtle way she does the other day about putting up a tree and bringing out the decorations. I flat out replied “what’s the point, no one is coming to our house, we’re the only ones who will see it, and then I just have to clean it up.” lucky for me she’s still got a broken arm and is somewhat confined to her efficiency apartment in the basement or I’m sure she’d be decorating for me. Since she had the handyman haul three things upstairs already I told Hubbin she’s more than welcomed to decorate her own area but I’m taking whatever she dumps up in the living room as an indication she doesn’t want it and it’s okay for me to just move it on our to the curb at the end of the season.

The thing is 95% of our Christmas decorations are hers from her house that she dumped at our house when we moved in when she was cleaning out her attic. And like I said to my mom “I know I’ve not been all into decorating but I’d kind of like next year when I just have ONE job and my bank account isn’t close to empty – to pick out my OWN decorations, things I like, to decorate my house” not random stuff from someone else’s house. Plus I’ve been totally inspired by pinterest. — well, this post started out all festive but now I sound like quite a scrooge. Anyway, if you need some old Christmas decorations I’ve got 4 bins in the garage.



I don’t know how I keep getting roped into weddings. Please note, before you ask me to be a bridesmaid even though I may like you, I’m not a fan of being a bridesmaid or all that it entails. I just flat out don’t think most things involved in weddings are even important. Bridal shower themes? Centerpiece themes? Seriously just put some candles on the table and call it a day. I don’t like group projects in school and I don’t like group projects in my personal life… a bridal shower is essentially a big group project.


A certain female close to me is getting married in the spring… and there has been a flurry of emails between bridesmaids over the last two weeks. We have 1 bridesmaid who is superenthusiastic and I’m sure you’re thinking “just let her roll with it then” which is what I thought at first too but her first entirely too long email listed about 10 games she wants us to play at the shower. There are way too many people being invited to this shower to make some of these feasible, plus I know I am not alone saying I don’t like having to ‘think’ when I’m a party guest. I don’t like taking pop quizes, playing word games or competing with other people for prizes. My biggest issue though is that she wants us all to make gift baskets and then for the party guests to guess how much we spent on them. I just think that’s tacky.

One other bridesmaid did write her back and was essentially like “I’m not really a fan of organized games” yadda yadda yadda… And the report from the bride was now the superenthusiastic one thinks someone doesn’t ‘like her’ and the bride wants her to apologize. Unfortunately I think everyone agrees with the one who isn’t a fan of games. After said apology we got another long email about the basket game again. I spent like an hour today composing a reply email that attempted to say “TACKY! & lets not include it” without saying tacky. So we’ll see if she A: gets the hint or B: I’m expected to apologise – I’ll keep you posted.


As a side note I might also think you’re tacky if you post pictures of your naked baby bump on facebook. Anyone who wants to take such shots for their private collection should go right ahead. While they may be excited that you’re expecting, I don’t think 200 of your less than close friends on facebook want to see your naked abdomen. We make the distinction between ‘friends’ and ‘facebook friends’ for a reason. True, I could just be jealous… but I generally think most everyone should remain fully clothed in their facebook photos regardless of circumstances.

Baby it’s cold outside

No seriously. We can warm up anytime now. Just a couple days to get some of this snow out of the way. It hasn’t warmed up since the first storm went by dropping 21″ then the next one dropping another 8-10″ and our winter advisory for tonight and tomorrow predicting 5-8″ was just changed to a warning predicting 8-14″. Stop. Seriously. Every day this week when I woke up to drive to work the roads are coated again, our mailbox is trapped in a plowed in snow bank so lord knows where the mailman is shoving our mail. The icicles on the house are EPIC. Here’s a view out the bathroom window and then also out onto the back porch where the ice is now a mere 3 feet from making contact with the deck.


I looked at my blog and was about to start typing “well at least it hasn’t been a whole month since I posted…” but then I realized that said November 22 not December 22 and we are after all in January 2010. Whoops.

I wish I had something exciting to fill you in on after  1.5month absence but unfortunately I do not.

We’re still hemming and hawing about the idea of the new house and haven’t yet even put our house on the market. Frankly I’d feel better about upgrading if I was closer to being done with graduate school. (ie: closer to my ~$20,000/yr raise I’m anticipating when finished rather than my whooping $917/yr raise I got this year… that’s $0.49 an hour. If I were my employer I might consider being ashamed about giving out less than 3% raises each year – just sayin’)

I’m about to start the first semester of my grad program and am quite cranky (among other reasons) because my one teacher has assigned homework that we’re to turn in the first class… SO on my last day of break before I go back to work for the rest of it I’m doing homework. Bleh.

I’m also cranky because I have cramps/PMS and because it’s 20 degrees out for like the 5th day in a row and I’m tired of being so damn cold, because I swear to you even though our thermostat hasn’t changed it feels colder inside. That’s right. I’m in a mooooood today. I did however recently knit myself a scarf that’s warm and fuzzy and I may just have to wear that while I sit here at my desk doing my HOMEWORK.

Nothing Left to Give

So there were 10 patients when I got there and we quickly filled the whole way up with patients in the waiting room. I had a busy day because I had a chest pain patient (elderly black male, dialysis pt) who got admitted. Then an 60-some yr old woman cancer patient that had to get a picc line(which shouldn’t have been but was a huge ordeal) and was admitted. Then an 80yr old uterine cancer patient who was bleeding heavily (mostly becuase her doctor had WAY over done it with the blood thinners- her clotting lab was supposed to be below 2.5 and hers was 9) I swear all my patients got admitted. Then we had all sorts of stuff like an acute appendicitis that went to the OR. There was a cardiac arrest in the hospital. I had this other guy who had a lengthy medical history and was there with his mother and sister who would not let this 52 yr old adult male answer anything! For himself! They had to be Italian or something the way they were smothering him. He had prosthetic eyes and when I was trying to ask him questions His sister was going on and on about his eye condition in 1985 and I said as nice as possible “but he doesn’t have eyes anymore so I think it’s probably irrelevant to his current complaint of LEFT HIP PAIN!”. We were jammed full the WHOLE day with two of the slower doctors and the patients just kept coming. the second side was still open when I left! let me tell you that when “Princess” -real name!- checked in with abdominal pain and “menstrating”I had ZERO patience.

Time for Bed!

So my day started off with me leaving the house at 6am and getting on the highway at 620 as per usual. However last night around 3am some assholes were driving on the highway out of the city shooting at each other the two cars ran into this and that and the one shattered all over the place (everyone survived-perhaps unfortunately for the human race) and attempted murder charges have already been filed. Regardless. It being a crime scene and all the outbound highway was still completely shut down at 6am and the inbound lanes were creeping along at 1mph because everyone needs to spend appropriate time gawking you know. So that was 50minutes of my life spent in traffic that I’ll never get back…

The day really didn’t improve much, I was charge nurse today and one of the old nurses was being a huuuge pain in my ass because she’s so lazy and slow. Usually when she’s in charge she doesn’t take any patients because “she’s in charge” well I don’t know what her excuse was today, because it was like pulling teeth trying to get her to pick up patients today.

I had a patient that went to the OR because she was having a miscarriage, which looked fairly complete to me in the cup but clearly was not because she continued bleeding profusely — all over my pant leg. Awesome. I managed to get some out at work with a bleach wipe, but we’ll see how the washer does…

Then I came home to find Hubbin in A Mood because the mac apparently ate all photos from 2009. Bye trip to France. Ta ta Hubbin’s three weeks in Germany. The mac pulled a stunt similar to this once before and the photos were somehow recovered by one of the geniuses at the mac store, so I’m not abandoning all hope yet — however I will be buying a new external hard drive for my PC to back up all future photos– (recall my PC recently melted it’s motherboard and got it’s hard drive reformatted three times in attempts to restore balance) — I did have an external harddrive but it was hijacked to support the mac ie: the perfect family home computer. That just ate 2009

Please tell me…

Who out there actually enjoys school? Like genuinely?

I had yet another person ask me today “how’s school?” “do you like it?” and then be surprised when I said “It’s okay, no, not really”

Why is that such a surprising answer? Explain to me exactly what I should like about going to sit for 8 hours in a class room on my day off? A beautiful sunny day? About sitting here tonight on my night off looking up information for a research paper and typing up responses to a dumb fact-finding mission my teacher has sent me on. Explain to me what’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable about this?

“Oh sure I just love spending all my free time reading text books and writing papers, sure, school is GRAND, who wouldn’t like school?! There’s nothing I’d rather be doing on one of the last nice days of summer than sit in this classroom listening to someone tell me about political science, or nursing research… And boy I can’t WAIT to get home and start working on my paper rather than finishing the laundry or going to the gym”

Is that really the answer they’re expecting? It can’t be? Right?