Clostridium difficile Part 6: My Rant about my GI Doctor

I will make no secrets about the fact I am no longer on speaking terms with my GI doctor, who I occasionally run into at work. Perhaps everything he did during my treatment time was totally following their standard protocol, but I am just all in all not happy with the way I was treated at his office.

I mentioned my anal fissure earlier. After having so much diarrhea for so long, I had burned a very raw area on my anus that became an anal fissure. These are most unpleasant, I don’t recommend them at all. I didn’t know it was there until after my C Diff was gone. On my first trip to the GI doctor he did a rectal exam without seeing this was there and that’s why this was downright painful for me, as opposed to just unpleasant. A rectal exam with an anal fissure tears it further. Even after I got rid of my C diff it would burn and bleed when I went to the bathroom. I eventually had to go back to him and tell him about it so I could get him to fix it. This was his ultimate bargaining chip in the colonoscopy. He insisted that he HAD to do a colonoscopy to check for Chrone’s Diesease because this could be a Chrones ulcer. I had been refusing a colonoscopy for months now claiming I wanted to wait out the symptoms and see if they went away on their own. I finally agreed and had it done in April.

The prep day was awful and I’m not going to talk about it… if you’ve ever prepped for a colonoscopy you’ll understand, it’s always yucky but remember I have an open sore right there too. The only thing I’m happy for is that because of weeks of diarrhea he allowed me to do a “modified” bowel prep instead of the whole schebang.

I had a very nice nurse prep me for the colonoscopy at the outpatient clinic. She asked me if I wanted to be awake and watch. I adamantly said NO, absolutely not, I want nothing to do with any of it, I want to wake up after it’s all over and not remember any of it.

I was very clear.

I was drowsy when they wheeled me back and dosed off. I woke up during the procedure. It was the most scarring experience of my life. I started trying to move and get away and heard the doctor telling me to just hold still and quit moving so much. I was crying and sobbing and I remember the nurse petting my head. I could see the monitor with live video of them taking biopsies. I could feel the pinching of the little claw thing. I could feel them pumping me up with gas. The doctor telling me to quit moving so much. “nurse can you hold her still she’s moving around too much” Oh it was awful.

They wheeled me to the recovery room a sobbing crying mess. My mother was waiting for me there and obviously horrified. The nurse was like “oh she’s fine, it’s just the anesthesia, sometimes it makes people emotional”. She picked the wrong line. My mom said, and I quote, “I have been a nurse anesthetist for 30 years and I have NEVER in my life taken a sobbing patient to the recovery room” It was horrible. I survived but I shudder about it even now.

I didn’t have chrone’s disease, he said my intestines were perfectly healthy and I should have no problems with digestion and he wanted to start me on IBS meds. I refused, again. He gave me a referral to get someone else to look at my fissure because the gel he gave me hadn’t helped.

My first visit to this new lady and she looked at it and said (first thing)“Well I’m not going to give you a rectal exam because those are excruciating with an anal fissure” and she gave me a different cream that helped it go away without a refill.

My end is well now, and alls well that ends well.
The End.


2 thoughts on “Clostridium difficile Part 6: My Rant about my GI Doctor

  1. Wow… I can’t even imagine. Bless your heart!

    So glad it is behind you! Thanks for sharing your story!

    🙂 J

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I know it’s a day late, but better late than never, right? 🙂 We’ve been Thanksgiving-ing around our house, with a picky toddler who doesn’t seem to like anything but stuffing and corn… Heaven help us all!

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