Spiced Wine


Today is 4dpo or 3dpiui and I’m pretty sure time has ground to a complete halt. I am not sure how I will make it through the next 10/11 days…

In other news it was snowing today, enough to stick on the ground for only the second time this winter. I celebrated by experiment with a new spiced wine recipe I found online – it was delish and smells even better – while burning my pine candle. Made us some tastey green bean casserole and honey mustard chicken for dinner which was perfect cold weather food. We even hauled my MIL up out of her apartment to eat in the living room and we watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer over dinner.

I’m not decorating this year. Not even a bit. My MIL was pestering me in the subtle way she does the other day about putting up a tree and bringing out the decorations. I flat out replied “what’s the point, no one is coming to our house, we’re the only ones who will see it, and then I just have to clean it up.” lucky for me she’s still got a broken arm and is somewhat confined to her efficiency apartment in the basement or I’m sure she’d be decorating for me. Since she had the handyman haul three things upstairs already I told Hubbin she’s more than welcomed to decorate her own area but I’m taking whatever she dumps up in the living room as an indication she doesn’t want it and it’s okay for me to just move it on our to the curb at the end of the season.

The thing is 95% of our Christmas decorations are hers from her house that she dumped at our house when we moved in when she was cleaning out her attic. And like I said to my mom “I know I’ve not been all into decorating but I’d kind of like next year when I just have ONE job and my bank account isn’t close to empty – to pick out my OWN decorations, things I like, to decorate my house” not random stuff from someone else’s house. Plus I’ve been totally inspired by pinterest. — well, this post started out all festive but now I sound like quite a scrooge. Anyway, if you need some old Christmas decorations I’ve got 4 bins in the garage.


Not too shabby

The meeting with our real estate agent and her boss went pretty well last night, not nearly as bad as I expected. I was expecting him to tell us that we would never be able to get out of this house more than we originally paid for it — forget the random improvements we made.

I think he genuinely liked our house, he was drooling not only over the refinished hardwood floors but thought we (it was all Hubbin) had fantastic taste in furniture and chose excellent projects for improvement. So while I don’t think we’d make a profit by selling our house, he did talk about listing it for $34,900 more than we bought it for 4 years ago. I don’t know exactly how much we’ve put into it since we bought it… but it’s probably close to that. (Paved the gravel driveway, new furnace, new hot water heater, new attic insulation, new ‘styrofoam’ insulation throughout, refinished hardwood, new kitchen floor — I’m sure that takes us mighty close to $30,000) The sad thing is I don’t think anyone will ever make a profit on this house ever not because it’s not a beautiful house, but because it’s ~20ft from a main road. Part of the reason we would be hesitant to put on an addition or something like that.

I love my Husband he was completely cracking me up last night… I’m not sure I uttered more than 5 sentences the whole night (I’m the quiet one) but he was rattling on and on about everything as per usual and our real estate agents boss offered him a job, lol. So I guess if he ever leaves teaching we’ll have to put him straight into sales. Either real estate or there was one time we were at a BMW dealership (checking out the new minicoopers cause Hubbin looooooves him some cars) and he was telling me all the features and they offered him a job there on the spot too.

Anyway — so the meeting didn’t go bad and the agents essentially said our house can go on the market as is and they’re fairly optimistic.


Since Hubbin announced  that they think his mother has Alzheimers he’s become a bit more serious about the possibility of us buying a newer or bigger house and her moving in with us. We went through this phase last summer with this house we liked a mile or so away from us… but she wasn’t ready to move out of her house. Now she’s game so Hubbin’s been shopping around a bit and there’s a house we both like (MIL hasn’t seen it yet) and we’ve been to see it now with our temporary real estate agent…

Today though is the moment I’m dreading… The real estate agent is going to come take a look at our house, and tell us what we’ve got to do to try an sell it. Why I’m dreading this? Because I do believe our house was on the market >1year before we bought it and I think it’s going bring our dreams of buying this new house to a screeching halt while we wait for someone to take an interest in our house.

I’d love to move, I’m not crazy about our house for many reasons I didn’t think would be important to me at the time we moved in. For instance, our house was built in the 1870s and as such has only makeshift closets, 1 full bathroom (well technically it has two but the one is in the dungeon like basement with the man eating spiders — right next to the laundry) our kitchen is oh… 12×7 with approximately 3 square feet of counter space. The house we went to look at is one Hubbin found online. Also an old house… but more like 1920/30s so it’s considerably newer. It’s essentially a flipped house by some dude that works with a construction company and likes restoring old houses. I saw it for the first time last night and frankly, it’s swoon worthy. 2nd floor laundry! Squee! new kitchens and bathrooms! — he clearly made two of the bedrooms into bathrooms. He finished the attic to make a 4th bedroom and the second full bathroom. New furnace, new windows, new floors on and on…. the two big draw backs are 1. no attached garage (he would build a brand new detached one on as part of the sale conditions) and 2. Its right nextdoor to a funeral home (which I would mind much less if they didn’t keep their gigantic parking lot roped off round the clock…

I was chuckling last night when Hubbin was describing to his mother where it is in relation to our house and it does *honestly* sit right next to the funeral home and then a block on the other side is the cemetary 😉 lol… His mother said “well good you can just wheel me next door then when the time comes”. Hubbin did tell her it’s right down the road from an assisted living center also if she gets too rowdy :-p

The other draw back… okay so three I guess… is that this does not have a finished basement apartment like the one we looked at last summer or the more expensive one we looked at two weeks ago so my mother in law would either take a portion of the second floor or it would be possible to close off the living room area for her on the first floor. So that’s obviously not ideal… however it would be favorable to her living in our current dining room that you have to walk through to get into or out of the house. So well see….

I’m making an effort to post this now before the meeting tonight just because then there’s less to update… plus it was definitely favorable with the temperature “issue” a couple weeks ago to do a play by play rather than try to summarize 3 weeks later when I finally remembered to blog about it.

Oh So Manly

Like previous falls it seems a few young squirrels have found their way into our attic. And like past falls we’re actively setting traps so we can relocate them two miles down the road to the lake/park.

Today I walked into the garage to get something out of my trunk while Hubbin was at work, and I heard a rattling on one of the shelves and saw a spazzy young squirrel had fallen for the old peanut-butter-in-a-trap trick and found himself locked in a metal cage. I sent Hubbin a photo and a text praising him as Hunter Gatherer Man of the year and my how manly and brave his hunting skills are.

I was upstairs folding laundry at the top of the stairs when Hubbin got home and he came inside and called “Frau!” jumping to the third step landing putting his fists on his hips and puffing out his chest “have you seen my trophy squirrel?!” looking side to side chest out with mock pride.

Not to worry squirrel activists, the little guy will be released in the park two miles away unharmed albeit majorly wigged out.

A Photo Post




For Christmas Hubbin is repainting my study room from Paint-to-Sell Beige to a Cranberry Red. I talked my mom into buying me that potterybarn desk I’ve been lusting over for a full year now and we’re going to go with the white furniture and dark paint.

In other news this is a photo of the Christmas outfit I’ve concocted for the tegu Christmas card this year! A sneak preview just for my online friends!


Well I have definitely got to work on this whole getting-up-early when there’s nothing really to get up for concept. I have today off, technically, but it’s one of only 3 days off work I have before our next test. So even though the next test is not till after Thanksgiving studying today still kind of counts as cramming… this is a weird concept or what?

Anyway I set my alarm to get up and start studying at 8am but it’s a rainy, dreary day and it was awfully hard to drag myself out of bed knowing it was only to sit and read my med-surg book.  So now here we are at nearly 9:30 and I’m still kind of putzing around trying to motivate myself.

The good news is Hubbin called me from work this morning to let me know that he’s set up our furnace they will come and install it before the weekend 🙂 Because let me tell you, getting up for the day in a house that’s 50 degrees is awfully low on my list of enjoyable activities.

My week-o-orientation starts tomorrow. I’m going to be oriented out the wazoo I think… I envision them giving us compasses and telescopes and sending us off… I expect reality will be a lot less interesting.

No more!

I’m done in the lab! Wahooo!

Emergencies here I come!  ….and no more of the “I need 300 slides cut by Tuesday” emergencies.

I interviewed my replacement on Friday before I left, she seems perfect, my boss had already left for the day so I left her a note saying I thought she was perfect.

In other news, remember my perfect desk?  I think I’m going to buy it for Christmas and talk my mom into giving me $ for it for Christmas. 🙂 Hubbin and I spent some time tonight discussing how we want to redecorate the study room. (I’m all about white furniture)