About Me

I’m working on it I swear! (finally!)…

  1. I’m 27 28
  2. Female
  3. Married to Hubbin’ since 2006
  4. Hubbin’ is 7 years older
  5. I found Hubbin’ on Match.com … free shipping 😉
  6. I’m a Registered Nurse
  7. Working in the ER
  8. Clearly  insane because after graduating nursing school in May 2008 I’m starting an RN-MSN program Jan 2009
  9. I have a BS in Biology and worked for 4 years in research. (And now a BS in Nursing too, which is all BS)
  10. 8 months of that spent in (Neurology) a living hell with a Chinese reincarnation of Satan as my boss.
  11. At that time I was the only one in my lab who spoke English as a first language
  12. Then I went to work in a lab studying vaginas (pelvic prolapse), which made for much more interesting dinner conversation
  13. We studied Humans and monkeys and rats. oh my!
  14. I’ve had a blog since I graduated college in 2003 starting with a “live journal”
  15. but then I decided to go off-the-record and started one no one knew about instead
  16. I originally did it because I wanted to be able to vent about my friends, but I’m usually too afraid to do that.
  17. I do however wish I had started an anonymous blog back in college because of all the drama. It was a super small southern school where everyone knew everything about you.
  18. Hubbin’s allergic to EVERYTHING. I kid you not. So we have pet reptiles.
  19. We have a Tegu, a leopard gecko, and a gargoyle gecko. (Now 5 gargoyles)
  20. We had two tegus but the younger blue tegu was a big bitch so we sold her in 2007.
  21. I sleep alone because Hubbin is allergic to EVERYTHING and is downstairs in the living room on the leather couch avoiding dust mites
  22. That said I don’t dust nearly often enough
  23. In fact, I haven’t really caught onto the whole wife/keeping house thing very well.
  24. I don’t really know how to cook either… I want to, but I get overwhelmed looking at recipes because I don’t know where to find the ingredients (or what they are).
  25. Cooking and shopping skip generations I think
  26. I’m an only child and so is Hubbin. That works out better than you would think most of the time.
  27. Right now we have a 16yr old boy exchange student living in our house. It wasn’t my idea, but he’s not so bad. I’ll call him “Stu” here.
  28. Hubbin and I are on the iPhone bandwagon. I like it more than I even thought  I would, and I’ve even had an iPod since the first iPod mini came out.
  29. I still read my blogroll almost daily, but I don’t comment as often because it’s harder to comment from my iPhone, and I don’t spend all day at a computer anymore like in the lab, I’m too busy saving lives now 😉

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