I have a desk that I study at. It’s adequate, I guess. I want a new desk. I want one of those pretty desks that people save at flea markets and repaint like you see in Country Living. The only desk I’ve found that satisfies all of my perfect-desk-requirements is this desk. I love this desk. I am sitting here looking for a desk on craigslist and secretly pineing away for this beautiful Potterybarn desk. In white please. And look! My desk is on sale. $667! They’re practically shoving them out the door at you! A whole $52 off. Can’t be beat. And here above it is listed, you can buy just the desktop, the plank of wood you stretch across the filing cabinets, for only $169.

Essentially what I had hoped to pay for my entire new desk. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Lust

  1. It sounds like you’d like to have TWO desks! 🙂 I’m with you on the Tori Spelling thing. She’s been out for publicity since she found out she was pregnant. :S

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