Not too shabby

The meeting with our real estate agent and her boss went pretty well last night, not nearly as bad as I expected. I was expecting him to tell us that we would never be able to get out of this house more than we originally paid for it — forget the random improvements we made.

I think he genuinely liked our house, he was drooling not only over the refinished hardwood floors but thought we (it was all Hubbin) had fantastic taste in furniture and chose excellent projects for improvement. So while I don’t think we’d make a profit by selling our house, he did talk about listing it for $34,900 more than we bought it for 4 years ago. I don’t know exactly how much we’ve put into it since we bought it… but it’s probably close to that. (Paved the gravel driveway, new furnace, new hot water heater, new attic insulation, new ‘styrofoam’ insulation throughout, refinished hardwood, new kitchen floor — I’m sure that takes us mighty close to $30,000) The sad thing is I don’t think anyone will ever make a profit on this house ever not because it’s not a beautiful house, but because it’s ~20ft from a main road. Part of the reason we would be hesitant to put on an addition or something like that.

I love my Husband he was completely cracking me up last night… I’m not sure I uttered more than 5 sentences the whole night (I’m the quiet one) but he was rattling on and on about everything as per usual and our real estate agents boss offered him a job, lol. So I guess if he ever leaves teaching we’ll have to put him straight into sales. Either real estate or there was one time we were at a BMW dealership (checking out the new minicoopers cause Hubbin looooooves him some cars) and he was telling me all the features and they offered him a job there on the spot too.

Anyway — so the meeting didn’t go bad and the agents essentially said our house can go on the market as is and they’re fairly optimistic.


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