Weekend Project Update

A few months ago we installed a gas log fireplace in the hopes that it would allow us to keep the living room above freezing and still be able to afford groceries. After we installed the fireplace we realized that the thermodynamics of a 130 year old house with big rooms and 10ft ceiling aren’t really ideal. The dining room seemed to be the biggest heat loss since it’s all windows so we decided to install a door between the living room and the dining room. Here’s a photo. My father and husband installed it, and it literally took them all day because there is not a single right angle to be found in our entire house. I’m quite pleased to report that even when we’re not using the fireplace, shutting that door still keeps our living room several degrees warmer. I love warmth. Mmm

For months, months, months we have been calling electricians begging trying to get someone to come out and install a vent in our upstairs bathroom. Because of our mold problem. No dice. A couple months ago my father and husband took matters into their own hands and installed all the duct work. They did well, and no one fell off the roof in the process. (I was a nervous wreck all day, I decided I prefer having paid people on the roof rather than relatives)

Now that it’s January we were finally able to convince an electrician to come over and wire in the vent. They estimated the project at 2 hours, SWEET! We also pulled the “hey while you’re in there” would you mind installing another electrical outlet as well? I don’t know where my dad found these guys, but we’ll call them Tweedledumb and Tweedledrunk. They came in our house, surveyed the situation and told us they needed to go buy some wire and came back smelling of booze. (I’m very reassured at this point). Three hours into the project they tell my husband that the electrical wiring in our house totally and completely out of date and to do everything it will be a $3,000 to rewire it. We’ve decided for the time being that the electrical uses upstairs (lightbulbs & alarm clocks) don’t warrant the $3,000 upgrade. We’ve made an appointment with them next weekend to redo the wiring to the TV/Computer and the kitchen.

The big hangup was them cutting through our second floor bathroom ceiling. Ceilings these days are made with 1 layer of drywall. This is what they were expecting our ceiling to be made of. Instead, our bathroom ceiling was made of not one, but two layers of drywall, a thin layer of cement, and a layer of tongue and groove wood paneling. (No wonder all the floors in the house are sagging) Tweedledumb literally did chin-ups holding onto our ceiling to demonstrate how strong it was. They just don’t build homes like they used to. They broke three blades trying to saw through it. ….and clearly by the photograph, they did not measure prior to trying. Said homeowners are more than a little miffed by that.

This turned out to be an 8 hour job. The good news is the vent seems to work. The bad news is the patch job that needs to be done on the ceiling and the outlets! Good god, wait till you see these outlets. Somewhere after he told us that we really just need to rewire the whole house I started to tune out the project because it was just too overwhelming. So after they left at 10pm Saturday night, promising they would be back next Saturday to continue we went up and this is what we found: 1 new apricot colored outlet. Classy.

And 1 new white outlet that is three quarters of an inch from the wall? Now that’s really classy. And Safe! I’m sure that’s real safe!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Project Update

  1. I completely feel for you. We just bought a new house and have had a string of handymen, electricians, and plumbers ever since. They all have different opinions about what the problems are and nothing ever seems to get fixed. *sigh*

  2. I WOULD BE SO FLIPPIN’ MAD!! The electrician we used this summer had a guaranteed work policy… They have a service website here in the Atlanta area called kudzu.com. It was really nice because lots of the vendors had ratings so you had a good idea of what you were getting into. 🙂 I’m with velocibadgergirl–do you really have to pay them?????

  3. lol, that totally sucks but you tell it with such charm. i think all the time about how much i want a house, and than all i have to do is read your blog and i’m brought back to sanity.

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