Baby it’s cold outside

No seriously. We can warm up anytime now. Just a couple days to get some of this snow out of the way. It hasn’t warmed up since the first storm went by dropping 21″ then the next one dropping another 8-10″ and our winter advisory for tonight and tomorrow predicting 5-8″ was just changed to a warning predicting 8-14″. Stop. Seriously. Every day this week when I woke up to drive to work the roads are coated again, our mailbox is trapped in a plowed in snow bank so lord knows where the mailman is shoving our mail. The icicles on the house are EPIC. Here’s a view out the bathroom window and then also out onto the back porch where the ice is now a mere 3 feet from making contact with the deck.


2 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside

  1. Thankfully, we’re only supposed to end up with 2-4″ out of this one. Which you know, after last week, when it was 6-12″ and we ended up with freaking 20 something inches of snow and it ended up snowing for TWENTY FOUR hours straight, I’m not really sure I trust the weathermen anymore this winter.

  2. I’m all caught up!! Freaking ICICLES!!! Good grief! The closest icicles I’ve seen were in… gol, I don’t really remember. But it does bring to mind A Christmas Story… just don’t take a bb gun outside.

    AND, LOVE your crochet projects!!!

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