Time for Bed!

So my day started off with me leaving the house at 6am and getting on the highway at 620 as per usual. However last night around 3am some assholes were driving on the highway out of the city shooting at each other the two cars ran into this and that and the one shattered all over the place (everyone survived-perhaps unfortunately for the human race) and attempted murder charges have already been filed. Regardless. It being a crime scene and all the outbound highway was still completely shut down at 6am and the inbound lanes were creeping along at 1mph because everyone needs to spend appropriate time gawking you know. So that was 50minutes of my life spent in traffic that I’ll never get back…

The day really didn’t improve much, I was charge nurse today and one of the old nurses was being a huuuge pain in my ass because she’s so lazy and slow. Usually when she’s in charge she doesn’t take any patients because “she’s in charge” well I don’t know what her excuse was today, because it was like pulling teeth trying to get her to pick up patients today.

I had a patient that went to the OR because she was having a miscarriage, which looked fairly complete to me in the cup but clearly was not because she continued bleeding profusely — all over my pant leg. Awesome. I managed to get some out at work with a bleach wipe, but we’ll see how the washer does…

Then I came home to find Hubbin in A Mood because the mac apparently ate all photos from 2009. Bye trip to France. Ta ta Hubbin’s three weeks in Germany. The mac pulled a stunt similar to this once before and the photos were somehow recovered by one of the geniuses at the mac store, so I’m not abandoning all hope yet — however I will be buying a new external hard drive for my PC to back up all future photos– (recall my PC recently melted it’s motherboard and got it’s hard drive reformatted three times in attempts to restore balance) — I did have an external harddrive but it was hijacked to support the mac ie: the perfect family home computer. That just ate 2009


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