I looked at my blog and was about to start typing “well at least it hasn’t been a whole month since I posted…” but then I realized that said November 22 not December 22 and we are after all in January 2010. Whoops.

I wish I had something exciting to fill you in on after  1.5month absence but unfortunately I do not.

We’re still hemming and hawing about the idea of the new house and haven’t yet even put our house on the market. Frankly I’d feel better about upgrading if I was closer to being done with graduate school. (ie: closer to my ~$20,000/yr raise I’m anticipating when finished rather than my whooping $917/yr raise I got this year… that’s $0.49 an hour. If I were my employer I might consider being ashamed about giving out less than 3% raises each year – just sayin’)

I’m about to start the first semester of my grad program and am quite cranky (among other reasons) because my one teacher has assigned homework that we’re to turn in the first class… SO on my last day of break before I go back to work for the rest of it I’m doing homework. Bleh.

I’m also cranky because I have cramps/PMS and because it’s 20 degrees out for like the 5th day in a row and I’m tired of being so damn cold, because I swear to you even though our thermostat hasn’t changed it feels colder inside. That’s right. I’m in a mooooood today. I did however recently knit myself a scarf that’s warm and fuzzy and I may just have to wear that while I sit here at my desk doing my HOMEWORK.


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