End of Year Fiesta

Yesterday we had a big cookout for Stu… combo gradparty/bon voyage party. Because he technically doesn’t go home until the end of June but his time is rapidly drawing to a close with us and June is already packed full of his own social engagements with his friends. Stu’s father comes next week and will be staying with us through graduation and taking a few little roadtrips with Stu to see as much of the USA as possible before heading home.

Hubbin is really going to miss Stu, but we’re both looking forward to having our house back and for it to be just us again.

I feel like I spend most of my posts now apologizing for the lack of posts and offering up excuses, so I won’t bother.

School is stressing me out, I’m taking 7 credits this summer and even though online Sociology is a lot of “busy work” it’s still A LOT of busy work. I’ll be glad to finish up with the BSN program this fall so I can quit taking BS classes like sociology now and poly sci and global studies this fall. BLEH. I feel like it’s a serious waste of my time and money to take electives.

I’m also currently working on hammering out a plan for summer vacation the second week of August. I’m open to suggestions, got any? What are your summer vacation plans?

Congratulations Erica!


Quite possibly the most disgusting entry I’ve ever written

And that’s saying a lot since when I started this blog I used to chop up monkey vaginas for a living and deal with rotting animals left to decay on the lab bench for the weekend by thoughtless fellows.

And don’t forget the mass bird suicide that took place in our fireplace.

Last night after my shower I was brushing my teeth leaning towards the mirror MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS when I saw this out of the corner of my eye…

At first I thought… Why is there tomato sauce on the upstairs bathroom mirror? But it wasn’t spaghetti sauce, we haven had spaghetti in a long time. Then I thought well maybe hubbin’ washed out his taco soup bowl up here? But that’s a strange splatter pattern… Then like bolt out of the blue I realized with horror it was not food. Any guesses?

Come on, you know you want to guess!

It was teenage acne shrapnel. No seriously. I looked a little closer and was certain, that was definitely blood with the extra acne juices and puss splattered across our $450 restoration hardware mirror. I realize you can’t enjoy it up close and personal and in focus like I did. … I even dragged Hubbin into the bathroom to confirm my suspicion.

Here it is in perspective with a tooth brush for scale…. Massive, splattered down the whole side of the mirror. Don’t worry, its Stu’s I wouldn’t think of holding my toothbrush that close to someone’s zit explosion.

Hubbin says he’s going to discuss with Stu tonight the “appropriate acne storage locations”… lol, totally kidding, well not about that, but we were laughing hysterically (and silently) in the bathroom last night while Stu was sleeping.

Ahhh the joys of being a parent….

Stu, sicky-poo

So per Austin’s request, a little State of the Student update:

I actually took the liberty of opening his window earlier this week because I walked out in the hallway this morning after they left for school and his door was open and I went “whew, it smells STALE in there”. Such is the nature of teenage boys I guess.

Stu’s not so bad, I think we’re learning important lessons. Hubbin clearly has the whole parenting a teen thing down pat. I’m still generally uninvolved although I did take him to basketball last week AND stayed to watch the game. *claps* Hubbin has all but cut off his internet access entirely. Not to be a bad person or anything but because Hubbin thought Stu was spending far too much time hanging out with us on weekends, and while that’s okay, he’s not in the US to experience life as a young married couple, he’s here to experience life as a teenage american. Which should involve GOING OUT. Doing things. OUT. WITH FRIENDS. So hubbin decided… hmmm… let’s conduct an experiment where he can’t email his friends in Germany whenever he wants, and can’t look at porn on the computer….. and PRESTO… Stu went out with friends three times that week. (Which unfortunately didn’t win him back internet access πŸ˜‰ ) So he remains without internet, but has been going out on the weekends more.

This week however poor little Stu has been struck with a case of the Winter Sick. He started feeling yucky this Sunday, they had off school Monday (when exactly do they go to school? There seem to be an aweful lot of holidays…) anyway, he slept literally the whole of Monday and Tuesday… was perked up a little Wednesday but stayed home, then we sent him to school today, but came home in the evening with the chills. I checked his temperature and it was 101.4 so I took him to the little urgent care clinic where they swabbed him for flu (negative) and then gave him an antibiotic and cough syrup (essentially because I don’t think doctors like to say “I don’t really have a diagnosis, try rest and fluids”) I told Stu I didn’t think the antibiotic would help since the doctor said it was “just incase of an infection” but it was up to him, and he wanted it, so we got that, and his cough syrup with codine. I also got him a second enormous vat of gatorade from Target for this week, some chicken and rice soup… and some Tylenol. Which in my humble opinon, Tylenol is going to make him feel better than either of the perscriptions. But we all know how I feel about taking antibiotics without an actual diagnosis.

Anywho… So that’s the Stu update. He was supposed to go on a weekend trip with the exchange students this weekend, but I suspect he’ll spend most of it asleep in his bed or on the couch with codine flowing in his system πŸ˜‰

Guilt as a Parenting Tool

Last night was Stu’s winter semi-formal, Hubbin and I went out and did our own thing and were heading home about midnight. Around then Stu called and asked if we could drop him off some stuff at his after party so he could spend the night (sweats, tooth brush, new socks). I wasn’t really tired yet and we were dressed all spiffy still and whatnot so I told Hubbin I’d accompany him to drop off the bag. Stu didn’t give us the right house number so Hubbin was on the phone with the Mother of Stu’s friend while we were walking up the driveway making sure we were going to the right house and the Dad was out on the front porch asking who we were looking for, when we said Stu he waved us on up to the porch and was holding the door open (beer in hand). He shouted in behind him to Stu and Stu came to the door and stood blocking the doorway to get the stuff. Hubbin said in German “What I’m not allowed to come in? You’re boozing aren’t you?”Β Hubbin was real angry because Stu essentially blocked us from entering and made it a little awkward at the doorway. We left and Hubbin was fuming on the way home about how rude Stu was. Moreso than the teen drinking Hubbin was fuming about how personally rude Stu was.

Stu came home from the party today around noon and I first saw him in the basement while I was loading some laundry. Then he filled up an empty 2 liter bottle full of water and went back up to his room. Hubbin was ready to pounce, but hadn’t seen him yet and ask me if he was home. I said “Yes, and I could be wrong… but he did take 2L of water up to his room so I *think* he might be hungover” I missed most of the conversation but he explained to him that it wasn’t even the drinking (which aside from being illegal is totally against the exchange student program policy and grounds for immediate shipment back to the home country) it was that he acts all smart and shady like he’s getting away with something and he’s totally not either. I mean Hubbin and I both have above average IQs and we didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, I’m sure 28 & 34 seems all old and crotchety but we’re not old enough to not be wise to your tricks little man. (it is kind of funny because you can totally pick out the lines his friends tell him to feed us to get away with things)

Anyway so Hubbin had a talk with him this morning and I missed most of it, but I did catch the last couple lines that “I don’t want you to be lying to me, you know I wouldn’t give you a hard time about the drinking, a party with the parents there is different than the keg party earlier this year without parents we wouldn’t let you go to. I don’t appreciate being embarrassed that you’re embarrassed I’m there.”Β 

Then Hubbin came down winked at me and said he was going to “let the guilt simmer for a little while” and asked how I thought he did. We were giggling quietly in the kitchen. I served up some lunch (Stu declined) and while I was in there Stu came into the kitchen and began emptying the dishwasher (his normal chore). Then when I came back in, the dishwasher had been loaded, the counters wiped down (that never happens without asking) the sink had been wiped out (also never happens without asking) and he had moved everything out of the kitchen and was sweeping the floors (never without asking). I told hubbin I think that right there is the confession of a few beers. But when he carried the mop upstairs to mop the bathroom floor (like I asked him to do three times two weekends ago and it never happened) I said “oooh, maybe that’s more than a few beers of guilt right there”

I can take absolutely no credit for this fine day in parenting, Hubbin seems to be quite a superstar parent already πŸ˜‰

And Right to Sleepless Nights

So one of the rules we set when Stu moved in was that he couldn’t take a computer into his bedroom as Hubbin and I both have laptops. My computer has Vista and Hubbin’s has whatever was before that, so we set him up accounts on both computers. Vista has pretty extensive options for parental controls but hubbin didn’t get quite so many options. Hubbin has an big tv that he hooks his computer up to on the computer desk in the living room, and mine stays in my office.

So the other night when I was about to hop in the shower hubbin bursts into the bathroom and dissolves into a fit of giggles. He then proceeds to tell me that he noticed his computer wasn’t there so he went up to Stu’s room and knocked on the door and asked him if he had the computer. He said “yes sorry” hubbin took it downstairs and immediately went through the web history.

That’s why he was near tears with giggles. Stu had been looking at porn and hubbin thought it was hysterical. He said he wasn’t sure what was the funniest part: that Stu was bold enough to do it, that Stu was dumb enough to NOT clear his web history, or that the third porn site he went to was Japanese cartoon porn.

Hubbin said “I’m not mad at him or anything, because I think it’s normal behavior but I am incredibly tempted to make the cartoon site his new homepage when he starts the Internet the next time” LOL

I encouraged him to not do that because if he doesn’t know we looked then who knows what gems will show up next time. πŸ˜‰

Skipping the Potty Training

I know I have a TON of studying to do, but I am falling a bit far behind with posting, so maybe one quick post and I’ll get back to my practice tests (the NCLEX is a week from right this minute! And I have 3.5 days left to study!)

So we skipped a whole lot of parenting stages with Stu, but stumbled right into the next big one. I was in the kitchen casually chatting with Hubbin about Stu and I made some comment about him looking for American girls and Hubbin said “Hmm, I don’t know if he’s ever had a girlfriend?” and I spit out “Well he brought CONDOMS with him from Germ” Hubbin nearly exploded “WHAT?! How do you know that?” “Because he left his toiletry bag in the bathroom and they were right on top”

When Stu arrived we were in the middle of repainting the bathroom and making a few other adjustments, so I came in one morning to find that Hubbin (as usual) had finished painting for the evening and not cleaned the bathroom back up. Stu has one of those travel bathroom bags with a hook for hanging on the back of the door and it was laying on the floor of the tub. So I picked it up and hung it back up, and what did I see….

Aside from that, I am a snoop and (he’s living in my house ) I’m not ashamed.

Hubbin of course thought this was all absolutely hysterical and immediately decided he was going to go up to Stu before the next time he went out in the evening and pretend like he was going to give him “The Sex Talk”… LOL. (Do keep in mind we had known this kid for maybe two weeks at this point) AWKWARD… I was giggling quite a bit, poor kid. First he clogs up the toilet, now his host dad is going to sit him down for a sex talk. LOL

Anyway, so Hubbin did. The next time Stu made plans to go out for the evening Hubbin went up to him and said he felt like he needed to explain a few things about men and women to him, and then goes “I’m just kidding, I saw you brought condoms with you” and you know what Stu said? He said “Well you have to be safe”….

Aside from “Not in my house!” What do you really say to that? It’s true? With all those STDs and unplanned pregnancies I see at work? Hubbin said he actually felt a little better about the situation knowing Stu actually knows how to properly use a condom rather than just winging it.

This is just one more example of how it’s kind of strange having someone else’s kid living with you. Because I do realize Europe is generally much more liberal about things like that than I know I am, and I know hubbin in many respects is very European. So while you can make restrictions, it’s still not your kid, you didn’t raise him, and he doesn’t share your value system necessarily. In a follow up conversation a week or so later Hubbin was asking Stu about his parents and what they were like and Stu told Hubbin his dad was just like Hubbin, that his dad told him if he brought a PS3 back from the US with no condoms gone unused he would buy the PS3 for him. A joke really, but still, gives you more of a picture that his parents know what’s going on with that stuff. -and he only brought like 3 or 4 anyway, so don’t get too up in arms-


I miss thee…

Approximately the same time as student’s arrival (We’ll call him Stu from now on shall we?) Hubbin decided he was fed up with Comcast raising our bill every month so he decided we’d get dish network.

So now we have dish network.

I haven’t noticed a difference yet really, but that could be because our remotes are all up in the air now and I haven’t taken the time to master what settings every appliance needs to be on yet… Or maybe because I’m diligently studying for the NCLEX? I’ll leave that up to you.

I am studying (taking a break right now, I swear) which is a good thing because D-day is fast approaching. The 16th to be exact.

Anyway back to the original story. So we switched to dish network and Hubbin signed us up to get Verizon DSL for Internet instead but because we don’t have a home phone line hooked up it apparently becomes quite a production. SO Hubbin was going to keep the comcast internet while we were waiting for all this verizon nonsense to unfold. So he called comcast to discontinue our TV stuff but the lady cancelled the whole shebang. So here we are now without Internet since I last wrote! Thank god for my iPhone or I would have been all “Hurricaine? What hurricaine?” because god forbid we watch the evening news in this house….

I have many exciting ER stories to share from the other day I’m just waiting till I can type with a full sized keyboard again!

The big news around here is 16yr old Stu? Yeah he’s staying with us now. (as I predicted before he even moved in) he’s not too much trouble so other than I don’t really want a teenager I didn’t have complaints. He does the dishes too, which helps his case. πŸ˜‰

So I’m a soccer mom now, or so we’ve been joking, which is awesome! I always liked soccer (never played) without any real reason, but now I have one. Soccer keeps my kid at school until 530-600pm nightly and I can only assume there will be weekend games?! Perhaps even out of town travel overnight?! I love soccer!

My only other commentary about being a parent to a teenager all of a sudden is “holy shit does he eat a lot!” hubbin and I used to go to McDs and each get a cheeseburger split a fry and drink for maybe $6? Now it costs like $16 to go to McDs because he gets a double cheeseburger and fillet of Fish, large fry and large drink. He regularly eats more than both of us together at a sitting. And some parents have mocked me for being surprised at how much he eats, so I remind them that they’ve had their own teenager it’s whole life to get used to the increasing intake and adapt whereas ours just showed up at our doorstep able to eat two full helpings of dinner and large sides.

I suppose I need to get back to studying now. I can’t update my “NCLEX Accountability” on the side bar from my iPhone app either! 😦

9/3: 74/100 = 74%
9/3: 35/47 (peds) =74%

So that will have to do! Hope our Internet gets setup soon!