So I interrupt my regularly scheduled dull drum to let you know about a VERY exciting development. Following a 12 hour shift on 10 days past IUI #5 I lost my resolve to wait until my first morning pee the next day and tested.

The pink color scrolled right by the test line and filled up the control line and I was grouchy. Then I started brushing my teeth to get ready for bed and looked over… And lo… Something I’d never ever seen before was looking at me… A second line. I’m attaching the first original picture. My honest response (since I was home alone at the time) was to keep walking over and looking at it and saying aloud to myself “that’s not a joke?” “that’s not a joke”

I’ve of course gone through handfuls of my cheapie tests since then usually more than one a day. You know. Just to check.

I called the clinic 13dpiui just to be like “umm, I know I’m calling a day early but I’ve been getting positives at home for a few days now” so they brought me in the next morning for bloodwork.

I asked the lady drawing my blood yesterday “so when they call me with the number is that when they schedule me for Monday?” and she said “Why? Did you take a home test” I said “umm, more than I care to admit” she laughed and said “yeah that’s when they schedule you, don’t worry I won’t ask how many you took”. I said “good cause I honestly couldn’t tell you”

My first beta came back at 214!!! I feel like that’s a solid start. I keep having occassional cramping or sharp pains and expecting my period to start but no spotting so far… I go in Monday morning for a repeat and if it’s up by >60% I go in for an ultrasound at 6 & 8 weeks before they release me to my OB doctor.

So. We’re SUPER excited. I get a little nervous every time I get a cramp and I’m somewhat holding my breath til they call me with a number Monday afternoon.20120722-162620.jpg


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