I just finished a meeting with my future boss. I was a little nervous cause according to the boss lady I spoke with thursday I had to discuss with him that I might not be licensed by the state by the start date.

I’m not going to go into details about the meeting because we all know writing about work is a bad idea… it was awesome though. I am seriously so excited I can hardly stand myself right now. The bottom line with the license stuff from the state is he’s not worried about it and wants me anyway and said “we’ll make it work”. I AM SO EXCITED. I wouldn’t even say this is my first choice of job, this is like better than I even hoped for. I had been a little nervous about meeting with him because I emailed back and forth with him a few times over the weekend and he told me he had interviewed 13 people already and hadn’t found anyone that fit his expectations so wanted to meet and go over things to be sure I wanted to sign on. I was like “geez what are these expectations” but the meeting wasn’t really like that and I clearly still had the job offer throughout and he’s not really one who readily broadcasts emotions but it seemed like he was really hoping I would accept the position. I did. It will be perfect. I would have taken a job at an urgent care place but I’m just SO much more excited about working in an ER. I thought to get in with this company I’d need to be willing to travel super far, or float to lots of places, or work at an urgent care – but I’ve been offered a spot at an ER that’s the closest to my house, no floating, and no nights. There’s 1 NP there daily and there’s another 1.5 people that are being hired and me and the other 1 person will be in charge of making our own schedules so one of us is there each day. I actually know the other person who has been offered a position and like her very much, he said she hadn’t accepted yet but hoped she would and I know half of the doctors who will be working there and like them all very much, so essentially – I think it’s going to be AWESOME. I am SO EXCITED.

The only bad part is it’s all fairly hush hush right now so I’ve told Hubbin, and my parents, and my MIL and that’s IT. I was DESPERATE to talk about it at work because there’s lots of gossip about who will be taking the positions and people are also very curious what I’ll be doing after I graduate and I’ve had to keep playing dumb when I actually want to be giddy with joy and jumping around screaming. My intention is to wait until it’s obvious my future boss has told someone that I’ve been hired, I don’t really want to be the one to break the news to anyone cause I don’t want to get in trouble or off to a bad start PR wise. It is SO HARD to keep my mouth shut because I’m (again) SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Awesomeness

  1. YOU NEEDED SOMETHING THIS FABULOUS!!! Seriously, you’ve had a rough go of it with all of the infertility, taking care of your MIL… This is so great for you!!!!!!!

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