zOMFingG eeeeeee!!!!

I tried to sleep in a bit this morning since I had two days off this week and the first one I got up early to go to spinning with one of my friends/coworkers. I woke up earlier than I would have liked (but after my alarm went off, cause that’s how I roll on my days off) because the old people taxi driver was knocking on the front door for my MIL. *sigh* So while I’m laying in bed someone calls me from a number not in my contact list so I didn’t answer. Yes, I screen calls routinely. They left a message and it was from the person I mailed my resume and cover letter to on Jan 2nd at my first choice company to work as a nurse practitioner in an ER which is also my first choice of job. In her message she said that she wanted to talk to me about an opportunity. EEEEEEEEEEE! (and that’s really what I said too, while I listened to the message in bed, in my pjs with my night time chew toy still in) I was glad I hadn’t answered it because I would have sounded like a moron with my mouth piece in and still fuzzy and somewhat asleep.

So I got up and called Hubbin. And my mom. And was still flipping out excited, and I hadn’t even talked to her yet. I know you’re supposed to be like all tough and negotiating and whatnot when you job interview, but what if it’s at your first choice company in your first choice location that’s half the distance to your house from your current job, and you know who your boss will be, and the starting salary is posted online. I mean, there’s not much really to negotiate?

Anyway, that’s how this went down, when I finally talked to her on the phone she said she spoke with the director at the hospital I’ve been offered about bringing me in for an interview, and he was formally the director at the hospital I’m at now and she said he said (I know, I’m sorry, all convoluted but necessarily vague) “Interview? I don’t need to interview her, I know her, and she’s excellent, and I want to offer her a position immediately” — I about died with excitement and butterflies when she told me this. I mean seriously, she had me at “hello” (lol) but then to go on about how my future boss already thinks I’m fabulous — alright, no negotiating, I’m a sucker, sign me up.

There is a catch though. I’m signed up for a review course in the middle of June and was planning on taking my boards at the end of June, but this position would start July 1 so I’d need to be ready to roll. certified nationally and licensed by the state and who knows how long all that paperwork takes to go through. Which is going to require me redoing my whole boards review plan I had somewhat vaguely worked out. The lady I talked to today advised me to take boards immediately after graduating in May. So essentially I’ve gone from, not really planning on applying until after I had taken and passed boards at the end of June. To applying in January. Getting a job offer in February and now trying to redo my whole entire leisurely summer plan to make this all go down & taking boards at the beginning of May. sheesh. This is intense. The problem with working steady weekends is I’m not able to take a different weekend off for a review course other than what I signed up for in November (That’s when nurses pick their vacations for the following year incase you didn’t know, planning planning planning). I did get as far as calling the review company after I spoke with the lady and they’ll switch me to an online review course for a $25 fee, so that’s not all that bad actually. My head is just totally spinning with all the changes and possibilities right now.

How am I supposed to concentrate on writing a paper now?!?!?!?


4 thoughts on “zOMFingG eeeeeee!!!!

    I’ve been jumping around all day. Hubbin just got home and we had some celebratory jumping and discussing how awesome I am. πŸ™‚

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