A vow

-disclaimer, I did not knit the lap blanket-

I hereby solemnly swear I will no longer knit things I don’t like. I had previously signed off from knitting presents specifically for people, and my knitting bag shows I have fallen back on that promise and reinforces why I made that vow originally. In my knitting bag now are two projects, neither of which I like. #1: (pictured) a hat for my cousin which I told her I would make in January and had been putting off. Three days ago I decided it would make a nice surprise Christmas present. Mistake. I hate this yarn. HATE. It’s a PITA to knit with and I’d like to quit the hat and give the yarn away. #2 A baby blanket. Which will be the first blanket I have knit. But I’m making it with yarn that is not my favorite and was some of the first yarn I ever bought. It’s not very nice quality yarn and I started the blanket as a project to get rid of some of my stash yarn but then I decided it would make a good gift for my friend that is 25weeks pregnant. Only I don’t like the yarn and I’m more cranky about her being pregnant than most of the other pregnant people I know because she just rubs me the wrong way about it and, frankly, I’m bitter.

I realized a while ago that the problem with me knitting gifts for people is as soon as I decide who the gift will be for I know longer want to knit it. I thought I had outgrown it since I made a couple bootie/bonnet sets for people. Apparently not. I need to just make things for my baby gift bag to keep on hand for people OR go back to my other plan of finally making stuff specifically for myself. Because making gifts for people is apparently not my thing. That and my hobby has turned me into a yarn snob.



One thought on “A vow

  1. I am so not a knitter!!! I end up with a triangle… less because of dropped stitches, and more because of ever-tightening tension!!

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