Circle + Bloom

I decided after a ton of thought to go ahead and download a Circle+Bloom program, I’m just starting so I’ll keep you posted. Not that I really believe wholeheartedly that this will be THE difference I need but I finally decided if it could help with any of few smaller things it would be worth it:

  1. I have a shitty attitude about about TTC now
  2. I have been struggling with depression at various points each month
  3. I generally feel stressed out MOST of the time

The reviews I’ve read online seem to indicate that it helps people feel more in control, more positive, and less stressed so I took the leap. A week or two ago I downloaded the free sample and have it on my iPhone but I had a few issues. First, that I apparently don’t have any trouble falling asleep because I actually struggle to stay awake til the end of the program and several times have turned it off halfway through saying ‘fuck it I just want to go to sleep’. I’ve been a little afraid to fall asleep with it on since I had it on my iPhone and listen with headphone but I also use my iPhone for my alarm and have been worried I’d sleep through my alarm. Now that I downloaded the real program I put it on my old iPod so I won’t need to worry about falling asleep with it on. It is VERY relaxing which is nice I’ve tried, just on random occassions, things like yoga or meditation before but I’ve never been patient enough so this will be something I need to work on, really taking time for myself to relax for 15-20 each day before bed. I think something like this could be really good for my anxiety. I’m also toying with the idea of picking another time of day other than right before bed to meditate but can’t come up with a good solution.

Anyone else tried meditation, yoga or something else?


2 thoughts on “Circle + Bloom

  1. I struggle not with depression, but with anxiety. Sometimes, severe anxiety, but “moderate” is my norm. My therapist taught me some meditation, but really? Taking time for meditation is about as simple as jumping into quantum physics theory. As for yoga… I attempted it once, and felt as awkward as I did that first (and last) day in my college ballet class. Awkward and embarrassed, even without the witnesses!

    We’re still struggling with infertility… yes, we have two wonderful babies (who aren’t babies any more, right?) but we want more. Is that greedy? When some can’t have any babies? But I am at the point where I feel sad and jealous when others announce their pregnancies, have their babies. They’ve had two babies in the span that I’ve been trying to even have one.

    Okay, that’s all. I’ve never heard of Circle + Bloom, but it sounds lovely. I hope it effectively de-stresses and un-depresses you!!!

  2. I think my depression stems from my anxiety and I don’t think that’s uncommon either. Most people have a combination of the two.

    I’m completely jealous when others announce their pregnancies – and that’s totally a topic for another post.

    I quit taking birth control pills in March 2008, I have a friend who quit June 2008 & got pregnant in July 2008 and her baby is two already and she’s announced they’ve started working on a second one now. Fabulous. It does make me cranky and evil feeling.

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