Things I did during this two week wait…

This wait was complicated by the fact that I’m currently on vacation from work AND school for the first time since August 2009:

1. Cleaned and mopped the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and stair well
2. Spent 4 days laid up with a low grade fever, watching television and whineing about my aching joints considerably
2b. Endlessly googled whether my fever could be a sign of pregnancy rather than illness. ie: just how high should your BBT be to indicate pregnancy
3. Went to visit some friends and ate too much.
4. Took a country drive to visit Hubbin’s old college and walk through the woods
5. Got wings and ate chocolate pie
6. Hit up the block party at my childhood home.
7. Went on a tour of an archeological dig dating back 16,000 years
8. Went to the museum to see the dinosaurs.

And then last today I asked the universe for a sign, because who likes to wait. You know how you pick petals off of flowers to tell if a boy likes you in junior high, kind of like that: I said “universe please send me a sign, so I don’t have to wait til the middle of next week” but then I decided I needed to pick a sign, something that if I saw it I would know that was my sign. I decided if I saw someone with a baby ergo carrier today that would be my sign. I picked that for two reasons, it is something I want someday when I have a baby and two, I wanted to be honest about it and pick a very rare item so I wouldn’t be swaying the odds in my favor. I have to date seen only three in person ever, they are that rare around here, babywearing is not a big trend here at all. So the whole day while we were about I kept my eyes peeled, we didn’t even see too many kids. Then our last stop of the evening a little quaint shopping area we were driving around looking for parking I remember thinking “aww hell it’s almost 9pm I think I’m SOL for the day”

Then lo, what does that person have up there? Are they really wearing that kid on their back? Right as Hubbin turned off the main street I saw the man with an Ergo, galaxy print.
So here’s hoping – I suppose this method was every bit as reliable as flower petals.


2 thoughts on “Things I did during this two week wait…

  1. When is your wait over? The ergo is a good sign. Also, my favorite carrier. Beco Baby is very similar too, but comes in more fashionable colors. But I still love my ergo for LG. I don’t use it as often, because she prefers to be on my hip and I only like it on my front or back.

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