Appropriate Dressing

I had to log in today on the real computer instead of just on the iphone to change the wallpaper here to something more appropriate. I realize I’m quite lame for talking about nothing except the WEATHER for the past few weeks but srrriously! Yesterday we blew by the all time record for snowiest month ever. EVER. in these parts. Previous record was in the 70s. So we’re now officially over 40″ in this month (and I don’t even live in Aspen, or Buffalo…) and it’s been below freezing since the first snow fall so it’s all just hanging out. Dripping off the roof forming ice bodies. I knocked the ones on the porch down the other day (photographed in the previous photo) and they’re all back today, even bigger than before. Yesterday one of the aides from work put the fear of  god icicles into me and I put Hubbin on a mission to get the ones on of main roof off before the world came to an end. Or it pulled our gutters off, whichever came first. So Hubbin went to Lowes and got some long 2x4s to stick out our 2nd floor windows and bat the icicles down.  Seriously nuts. He had off work again yesterday for snow and gave me some lame line about how he’s ready to go back and teach because he ‘just wants to do his job’ to which I immediately replied “I’ll trade you. I’d be glad for a few 2 hour delays and cancellations”….


4 thoughts on “Appropriate Dressing

  1. I’m sorry this is totaly unrelated, but I have a 15 year old dealing with C Diff. She’s starting her second round of Flagyl today. First dose she only took 250mg x 3 for 10 days.

    I read your posts on your old blog. Did yours clear up in one round of meds, or did it take longer. It’s so scary what you read, I’d be grateful if you would reply, I couldn’t find that info in your posts.

  2. It did, responded very quickly actually, I did have random digestive issues for another 6 months (couldnt tolerate vegetables) or so before things went back to normal, so don’t get discouraged by that. I would recommend really pushing yogurt and a probiotic supplement for a good while. I’ve read a lot of good things about culturelle which you can purchase just at the grocery store or get one that is actually refridgerated at a healthfood store. Unfortunately from what I’ve read once you’ve had it once you’re always at an increased risk of a repeat so I still push lots of yogurt and a probiotic with antibiotics, but the one time I had what I believe was a relapse two summers ago antibiotics weren’t involved and flagyl stopped it in it’s tracks. Good luck, I’m always happy to offer my two cents 😉

  3. Although I suppose I should add I think I took 500mg flagyl 3x daily for 14 days.

    Two summers ago it was the same but for only 10 days I think.

  4. Thanks. She responded immediately the first time, with only 2 doses she was feeling great after 2 weeks of dealing with being told it was just a virus.

    We’ve been doing the culturelle and the other one that is recommened for this. Hopefully it’s just the dose wasn’t enough and this will knock it out.

    Thanks so much.

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