Back on the Wagon

I am currently studying/paper writing at Panera and pondering the irony that I may or may not be stealing coffee from Panera while reading and writing my Ethics homework for the week……

Nothing but work and school since I last posted. I do lead a very lame life. My official stint as a steady charge nurse has begun which is really quite a pain in my ass. I accepted this position (which isn’t really a new position or more pay) really because it will A: look good on my resume and B: because it’s probably a good growth experience for me. However, with no additional financial compensation there’s not really many other benefits than now the “flow” of the ER and all the other issues throughout the day come back to me as my responsibility.

I am back on the diet wagon. We’ve got a competition going through my workplace with teams of 5 and we all weigh-in weekly. I know I’m not obese so can the negativity before you start… but my jeans are fitting tighter these days and I’ve got a bit of muffin top action going with my pants and shirts. (I do love that I get to wear scrubs on a daily basis – they are very forgiving)

Official starting weight on the 11th was 130.1… I’ll keep you posted. We have like 11 or 12 weeks of the competition and I set my goal at 8lbs (although 10 would be ideal). Which will get me close to what I was back in March when I fell off the wagon. The winner in the competition is based on the percentage of goal weight that the team achieves. I decided I needed a little motivation and accountability.

I’ve been using my Lose It! app on the iPhone.


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