The Sniper

I’m still in the limbo of my period not being late with this suspicion of knocked upedness hanging over my head. The past few days I keep pulling up my temperature chart and studying it and then thinking “seriously? Is this possible?” I peed on a stick today and it was a resounding negative.

I honestly wasn’t really sure what to say to Hubbin if anything. I mean I had warned him I was dangerous at the time and he’s got this cold/flu thing going on now and stayed home from work on Monday and today. He texted me at work sometime on Monday asking me whether I caught it from him or not. I said “well my temperature was high this morning so I’m either getting sick or pregnant” he didn’t respond.

Then today after school I went grocery shopped and stopped at the liqour store and got him a present (we usually have a glass of wine or two after I’m done with classes on Tuesday) of some Jameson figuring “well when he asks me why I got something just for him I’ll just say ‘well there’s this possibility…'”

But before that happened he came over and gave me a welcome home hug and said “You know… Earlier this week when you said you were either getting sick or pregnant I got kind of excited…” I said “really?!” he said “yeah” and I said “cause I might be”…. I explained (just roughly because he doesn’t really want to hear the finer points of FAM) that there was a possibility but it was still too early to know for sure. He got excited and started jumping around saying we can call him “The Sniper” cause he just needs one shot. Lol

So now that I guess were both hoping it’s true the wait intensifies… I think we’ll begin a chart play by play:


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