My Sunday Brain Explosion

I’ve been officially accepted into the gradschool program beginning in January. Provided I pass all my fall classes of course 😉 I spent the day at Panera rotting my brain on Pharmacology. I’m not joking. I’ve been here since 9am and then had to take a break when I typed the following sentence in my notes:

Antiadrenergics inhibit release of adrenergic agonists or/by antagonizing adrenergic receptors

…and then my brain exploded all over the walls of Panera. Seriously. School blows. But you know, great news being accepted to the masters program, now I can have a blast doing this for two more years…

I’m currently taking a break and reading about various baby products online. Because I am OBSESSED. My ovaries are hormonally in full baby drive and are screaming “make use of us now!” I’m trying to be rational and wait until schools over… but I don’t want to.

We decided this past summer to just “not pay attention” or in other words, not really try persay but not try not to either. Of course I was paying attention because I think once you become aware of the FAM of birth control you can’t ever not be aware. I used to inwardly cringe when people talked about “charting” for birthcontrol, because everyone knows that doesn’t work… au contraire. I started in March 2008? No babies here. If that’s something your into do check out the iphone app for women’s calendar it really and truely is awesome, it does pretty much everything I would want it to and I’ve since completely abandoned paper.

Anyway, to satisfy (or tease) my whole baby drive I spend my spare time secretly reading about different brands of car seats, slings, strollers, and cloth diapers… I’m pretty sure I could fill out pretty much a whole baby registry right now if pressed. I’m thinking come next summer we may actively start trying… it just seems so far off! I won’t be done with school then, but by the time we would have a baby I’d be more than half done and that seems fair enough…


3 thoughts on “My Sunday Brain Explosion

  1. 1. I’m sorry for introducing you to FAM. For the rest of your life every month you will know EXACTLY when you could conceive – even when you don’t have the iPhone to tell you. It’s becomes so stinkin’ obvious you think everyone will notice.
    2. It’s a shame we’re just internet friends. I am always looking for someone to talk slings, cloth diapers, etc. My real-life friends either a: know as much about them or more than I do or 2. think I’ve jumped off the hippie edge.

  2. I know, sometimes when I’m even reading about the possibility of cloth diapers I’m thinking “what’s wrong with me… perhaps I have some granola caught in my teeth” Are you on facebook? We could be facebook friends too because everyone knows that is the truest sign of real friendship.

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