Much Excitement!

First my computer has (supposedly) been repaired and is on it’s way home! I just checked the fedex website and after a brief stop in Memphis it’s now even in the correct city! Unfortunately I won’t be home to greet it tomorrow. I do however have Friday off to wait by the door!

Then last night I announced to hubbin I wanted to try a social experiment. All the gargoyle geckos have their own shoe box size apartments because little dude is apparently kind of a bully. He was living in the official gecko-rarium (that’s a bit larger with the fancy branches and heater) I decided I wanted to move the two adult females into the bigger tank together and give little dude a chance to cool off in a shoebox. So we made the arrangements and I went back about 20 min later to make sure the girls weren’t fighting. And lo what is this? There was a white oval on the ground! One of the girls had laid an egg! Wahoo! I called hubbin down and we carefully removed the egg and put it in a cup with some bedding and then back in by the heater to keep it warm! That’s our first egg!

Of course as the saying goes “Don’t count your geckos before they’ve hatched”

According to the infinite wisdom of the Internet we have 60+ days of incubation ahead. This morning when I went down to peak on it I saw it was covered in dirt. I figured Hubbin read somewhere you should do that, then tonight on our way to dinner Hubbin said “why did you bury the egg?” I said “uhhh, I thought you did?” So sometime during the night mama, were assuming Coco (she’s chocolatey colored), must have gone down in the cup and buried the egg? So cross your fingers well have a baby here in a few months!


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