Multiple complaints

I can’t believe both my computer and my gecko broke in the same day.

Of course my computer couldn’t break in the middle of July it had to start on the FIRST DAY OF CLASS! After a trip to best buy where the very geeky geek squad dude literally just laid his hands on it and it made it all the way through boot up allowing us to load the windows recovery disk. Hopefully it will be in working order soon. Because classes have started and I have many an online obligation to attend to.

Then tonight we noticed the girl gecko wasn’t moving quite right and was sluggish. I soaked her for a while helped get the shed off of her toes and then moved her to a private shoebox with some deep fresh warm bedding, Hubbins going to take her to the fancy reptile store tomorrow to see if they can offer insight. :-/. Here she is in a photo a few months ago showing off her pretty colors:


One thought on “Multiple complaints

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