This week hubbin and I took a semi-spontaneous trip to NYC. My MIL has been wanting to go visit her sister in law (hubbins aunt) who is 80+ and sick with cancer (she actually looked pretty good to me) anyway she lives in Allentown which is about an hour from NYC so we turned it into a mini vacation. My MIL brought another crazy old lady with her for entertainment purposes. So on the full day in NYC we paired off and did our own thing.

After a nice visit with Hubbins aunt (and their 9lb rocket propelled yorkie puppy) we drove into the city and had dinner at one of Hubbins favorites: Bennys Burritos. Then had dessert at Planet Hollywood in times square. We spent sometime at toys r us where Hubbin lusted over the enormous transformers statue and pointed out all the toys he wanted to buy for himself our someday child. (we used no birth control this summer with no results, but that will be another post)

We all stayed at a nice hotel near Newark airport because it was, ohh about $100 cheaper.

On our full day the old ladies went to Coney Island and filled themselves with junk and remembered the good old days. Hubbin and I drove to long island where he showed me the school he used to teach at and the little house where he rented a room. Then hubbin was able to get ahold of some of his friends he used to hang out with all the time and we went to their house on the north shore near oyster bay (I had never been to long island before and that area was beautiful!!!) we sat on their back patio sipping iced tea and they reminiced. Hubbin loves their dog and still talks about her frequently even though he hasn’t seen her in 5years. The family’s daughter was walking up the street with the dog when we got out of the car and I would swear to you thr dog recognized Hubbbin even after not seeing him for 5 years, ran straight to him all excited with copious dog kisses.

After their house we drove to Panna II on the lower east side. A little Indian restaurant filled with Christmas lights. We had been for lunch once before but it was much more clostraphobic feeling when it was packed for dinner. After dinner we decided to walk from there to times square. It was a long walk but we seem to walk a lot on vacations. About 6 blocks into our walk the weather apocolypse broke out with tons of thunder and lightening and strong wind (I saw later on the news that there were 80mph gusts in central park that knocked down trees.)

we of course had no umbrellas and I was wearing flipflops. I felt like I was walking bare feet on a slip n slide. We caught a cab to times square and took shelter in hard rock with all the other tourists until the rain stopped. After that we did walk all the way from 42nd to 7th. I’m estimating we walked about 54 blocks that day!

It was a nice spontaneous vacation, I wasn’t really excited to go because I have so much to finish at home before school starts Tuesday. :(. I’m back to work tonight– well last night and the next two nights, and Hubbin is back to work today. So our summer is offically over now.


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