Summer Evening

It’s the first truely hot day we’ve had here this year (by my recollection anyway). Tonight I tried an experiment to make thr chocolate refridgerator roll cake my grandma used to make. Were having dinner with my parents tomorrow night and I thought it would be a nice surprise for my dad. Then I made some of my special hamburger patties which are currently waiting in the fridge for hubbin to fire up the grill. Now I’m just waiting for dinner on the deck with a glass of wine and my current crochet project. Life is good. Very good.

–I decided a few months ago that I needed a hobby. One that I could pick up and put down and actually make something too. A bunch of nurses at work have been addicted to knitting and crocheting and I got some supplies and made them teach me. I’ve alredy finished a handful of scarves and two baby blankets with matching hats. I’m still working on booties I like, I havent found the perfect bootie yet.–


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