End of Year Fiesta

Yesterday we had a big cookout for Stu… combo gradparty/bon voyage party. Because he technically doesn’t go home until the end of June but his time is rapidly drawing to a close with us and June is already packed full of his own social engagements with his friends. Stu’s father comes next week and will be staying with us through graduation and taking a few little roadtrips with Stu to see as much of the USA as possible before heading home.

Hubbin is really going to miss Stu, but we’re both looking forward to having our house back and for it to be just us again.

I feel like I spend most of my posts now apologizing for the lack of posts and offering up excuses, so I won’t bother.

School is stressing me out, I’m taking 7 credits this summer and even though online Sociology is a lot of “busy work” it’s still A LOT of busy work. I’ll be glad to finish up with the BSN program this fall so I can quit taking BS classes like sociology now and poly sci and global studies this fall. BLEH. I feel like it’s a serious waste of my time and money to take electives.

I’m also currently working on hammering out a plan for summer vacation the second week of August. I’m open to suggestions, got any? What are your summer vacation plans?

Congratulations Erica!


One thought on “End of Year Fiesta

  1. Dude – where ya been? Now that Stu is gone you have no need to update us. We (in blog-land) miss you.

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