Ashes to Ashes

I just found this in my little folder for potential posts from, ahem, my trip to visit my great aunt in January. -I tried to tell you, school is destroying my brain- She was telling us about after her husband died (probably almost 30 years ago now since she’s 96 this year) she’s blind and weighs about 90lbs but her mind is amazingly sharp. Her husband, Higgy, wanted to be cremated, so she did, but I guess he wasn’t real specific about where he wanted his ashes so she decided she would put a little of them everywhere he loved.

So she was telling us how she sprinkled them around their church in Florida, at their cabin in Pennsylvania, his childhood home in Ohio, San Francisco, and then at the beach and a little here and there on every vacation she took after he died.

Anyway then she started telling us how people thought she was just a liiittle bit crazy for taking the ashes everywhere. Then she told us my grandma (who died at 91 in 2005 and had a wicked sense of humor) said to her: “Well I guess when it comes time for the resurrection Higgy’s going to have a heck of a time finding himself!”


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