A Rare Follow up

Twice this week the man who had a cardiac arrest right under our noses a few weeks ago stopped by. He’s back to work now and looks amazing. I still couldn’t believe it. He said he wanted to come by to thank us, tell us that he thanks god for us every day as does his wife, daughter, and grandson. Then he stopped by a second time, later in the week to give my preceptor who had been his nurse a big hug.

I’m hoping to get back to blogging a bit more soon. My statistics final is this week and my pathophysiology final is next week. This summer I’m taking advanced assessment and then an online class: intro to sociology. Hopefully these summer classes won’t be quite so time intensive. I was looking at my schedule for the fall though and had one of those “what the fuck was I thinking? ….I thought I was doing this part time” oh well… I think this fall might be even worse than this semester. It will included advanced pharmacology 😦


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