Nothing Left to Give

So here I sit, the end of night shift, the sun is rising and the sky turning from black to navy blue and so begins: The Hour of No Compassion.

The ongoing joke of the steady night shift nurses is the last hour of their shift is “the hour of no compassion”, where they may take care of patients, but they are no longer required to care about them.

I really think we need to implement this on day shift AND somehow need to integrate that with our one nurse’s idea of having one day a month where you’re allowed to tell everyone exactly how you feel about them -no consequences attached- patients included.

For instance today I would have liked to say: “you mean to tell me you’re 3.5 months pregnant and you’re taking not one, not two, but three medications for constipation and you don’t know the name of a SINGLE one of these chemicals you’re putting into your body? Are you eating ANY fiber at all? Ever? Or are you subsisting entirely off McDonalds and KFC? …because with a BMI of 57, it’s awefully hard for me to believe you’re really eating ‘a variety of foods’ like you claim”

-just sayin’-


One thought on “Nothing Left to Give

  1. I have GOOSEBUMPS about that guy you defibrilated (I know I spelled that wrong, but I don’t have your post to get the right spelling, and I’m too lazy to go look elsewhere! lol). Amazing. Your mom’s right on… when it’s your time to go…..

    This post was hilarious–variety of foods: french fries, big mac/quarter cheese… OR if you prefer this way… McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King. That is SO TOTALLY variety!! lol

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