Just Around the Corner

I’m glad there’s been at least a slight change in the weather. I went to work yesterday without a jacket!  Today was another nice day and it made me want to go on a walk or a hike in the woods. I’m so ready for summer and warm weather — although in the past 24 hours I have either smushed or escorted out of the house 1 ladybug, 1 stink bug, 1 spider… so maybe I’m not TOTALLY ready for summer 😉

There is some romantic summer sounding thunder outside right this minute 🙂


One thought on “Just Around the Corner

  1. Oh god, the stinkbugs. Jesus, they’re already infesting our house. I have at least 2 or 3 in my bathroom and a bunch of rogue ones floating around the house, which the Mini feels the need to squish and then hand to me.

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