Spring break began at 7:30pm tonight and I have the next three days off work. Excellent planning on my part! I got 100% on my graduate statistics midterm (nerd I know, but she also totally spoon feeds us) and I presented my final project for my 1/2 semester community health nursing class -on teens and caffeine- and got an A, woohoo! That was 20% on my grade. I hope I got an A, that would be awesome because I hated that class. Then I went to walmart and bought groceries to cook for the rest of the week on my days off, so I’m feeling exceptionally accomplished. Tonight Stu is staying with a family in another school district so he can give a speech at their school tomorrow. So we are without child also. This is how I’m celebrating: glass of wine on the couch next to Hubbin (He’s prepping for work tomorrow – teacher with lots of jazzy powerpoints).

Hubbin and I had sort of an emotional week, so this makes a nice ending/break for me and us.


2 thoughts on “Ahhh

  1. Ahhhh, feel the relaxation of having no kids at home. 😀 I bet in spite of everything you’ll miss Stu when he goes home. 🙂

    Your grades are awesome! Nice work!!

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