Quite possibly the most disgusting entry I’ve ever written

And that’s saying a lot since when I started this blog I used to chop up monkey vaginas for a living and deal with rotting animals left to decay on the lab bench for the weekend by thoughtless fellows.

And don’t forget the mass bird suicide that took place in our fireplace.

Last night after my shower I was brushing my teeth leaning towards the mirror MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS when I saw this out of the corner of my eye…

At first I thought… Why is there tomato sauce on the upstairs bathroom mirror? But it wasn’t spaghetti sauce, we haven had spaghetti in a long time. Then I thought well maybe hubbin’ washed out his taco soup bowl up here? But that’s a strange splatter pattern… Then like bolt out of the blue I realized with horror it was not food. Any guesses?

Come on, you know you want to guess!

It was teenage acne shrapnel. No seriously. I looked a little closer and was certain, that was definitely blood with the extra acne juices and puss splattered across our $450 restoration hardware mirror. I realize you can’t enjoy it up close and personal and in focus like I did. … I even dragged Hubbin into the bathroom to confirm my suspicion.

Here it is in perspective with a tooth brush for scale…. Massive, splattered down the whole side of the mirror. Don’t worry, its Stu’s I wouldn’t think of holding my toothbrush that close to someone’s zit explosion.

Hubbin says he’s going to discuss with Stu tonight the “appropriate acne storage locations”… lol, totally kidding, well not about that, but we were laughing hysterically (and silently) in the bathroom last night while Stu was sleeping.

Ahhh the joys of being a parent….


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