Stu, sicky-poo

So per Austin’s request, a little State of the Student update:

I actually took the liberty of opening his window earlier this week because I walked out in the hallway this morning after they left for school and his door was open and I went “whew, it smells STALE in there”. Such is the nature of teenage boys I guess.

Stu’s not so bad, I think we’re learning important lessons. Hubbin clearly has the whole parenting a teen thing down pat. I’m still generally uninvolved although I did take him to basketball last week AND stayed to watch the game. *claps* Hubbin has all but cut off his internet access entirely. Not to be a bad person or anything but because Hubbin thought Stu was spending far too much time hanging out with us on weekends, and while that’s okay, he’s not in the US to experience life as a young married couple, he’s here to experience life as a teenage american. Which should involve GOING OUT. Doing things. OUT. WITH FRIENDS. So hubbin decided… hmmm… let’s conduct an experiment where he can’t email his friends in Germany whenever he wants, and can’t look at porn on the computer….. and PRESTO… Stu went out with friends three times that week. (Which unfortunately didn’t win him back internet access 😉 ) So he remains without internet, but has been going out on the weekends more.

This week however poor little Stu has been struck with a case of the Winter Sick. He started feeling yucky this Sunday, they had off school Monday (when exactly do they go to school? There seem to be an aweful lot of holidays…) anyway, he slept literally the whole of Monday and Tuesday… was perked up a little Wednesday but stayed home, then we sent him to school today, but came home in the evening with the chills. I checked his temperature and it was 101.4 so I took him to the little urgent care clinic where they swabbed him for flu (negative) and then gave him an antibiotic and cough syrup (essentially because I don’t think doctors like to say “I don’t really have a diagnosis, try rest and fluids”) I told Stu I didn’t think the antibiotic would help since the doctor said it was “just incase of an infection” but it was up to him, and he wanted it, so we got that, and his cough syrup with codine. I also got him a second enormous vat of gatorade from Target for this week, some chicken and rice soup… and some Tylenol. Which in my humble opinon, Tylenol is going to make him feel better than either of the perscriptions. But we all know how I feel about taking antibiotics without an actual diagnosis.

Anywho… So that’s the Stu update. He was supposed to go on a weekend trip with the exchange students this weekend, but I suspect he’ll spend most of it asleep in his bed or on the couch with codine flowing in his system 😉


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