Erotic Poultry

I just very nearly had an erotic experience with my chick fil a sandwich and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

So I didn’t weigh in today because I was at work- and it was a very long and trying day (I weighed in on Monday at 125.0 and I don’t want to talk about, that’s a 2lb gain in under a week, and sure I over indulged at the superbowl party but not THAT much, so I’m blaming PMS for my period that should start anyday now.. after yesterday… Period? Hello?)

…anyway at the end of the 12 hour day of work hubbin says oh yeah could you stop at bestbuy on you way and pick up this wire? So there I am.. 8pm, having eaten my diet pizza rollup of 290 calories at NOON.. worn out, cranky, both magnified by my extreme hunger going to bestbuy to buy some damn computer wire when I check my iPhone diet program to see what I can have for dinner. Dismayed by my 280 calories remaining for the day…. When oh wait, what’s this? I never ate that protein bar! Sweet! Now I have 428 remaining for the day! And my program says a chick fil a sandwich is 410 with no toppings! eureeka!

I go through the drive through so as not to be suckered in by sights and smells of French fries -come here you attractive little waffle potato you- and order my sandwich plain and no I would not like to make that a value meal. Then I wait 2nd car in line, and I wait, then I put my car in park and I wait, turn it off, and wait I swear a whole 7 minutes has passed and I’ve nearly worked myself into a frenzy of anticipation. Finally I pull forward and pay the teenager with the food who is apologizing for the delay and I don’t know what I said if anything because all I could think was “just hand over the sandwich before someone loses a finger for crying our loud” I swear to you my blood sugar must have been 40 at that point.

That’s when I had my near erotic experience with the chicken sandwich. It was A-MAZING. Worth every calorie.

Not to fear lest you think hubbin is completely insensitive for sending me on retarded errands after a 12 hour shift I got home and he brought me a left over Boston creme donut from his function tonight… Don’t worry, he assured me it was the calorie free kind.


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