Week 3: Sisterhood of the shrinking jeans

Well, while I fully intended to go to the gym today, work out and collect official weigh-in data, it’s a mess out. Hubbin and Stu had no school today. It wasn’t a mess earlier, Hubbin and I decided to go for a spontaneous mid-week-afternoon date since there was no school and it was just raining. We went to PF Changs for lunch (whoops, I’m sure that puts me over my meager calorie budget for the day right there), Costco to pick up some superbowl supplies GO STEELERS! and by the time we finished that it was snowing heavily out again and all the slush in the roads was beginning to ice over so we headed home. I woke up today with a killer migraine so I’m not much in a mood to make my head pound heavier by working out. Sorry… just not going to happen.

HOWEVER. I went to the gym Monday and weighed myself then and I weighed in at 124! Wooowhooo! That’s a full two pounds right there 🙂


2 thoughts on “124.0

  1. I skipped the gym today… because my husband pissed me off. ;o) I guess I will just have to work harder tomorrow! I hope your migraine disappears soon!

    Great job on losing 2 pounds!

  2. Oh! PF Changs is so yummy! I’m a little jealous! Congrats on the weigh-in! You’re doing great.

    We’re going to have some Super Bowl light recipes on our site later this week, so check back with the Sisterhood!

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