Week 1

Week 1: Sisterhood of the shrinking jeans

So I guess this is a bad week for me to start the weigh-ins because I actually was more in the 127-128 range when I quickly snuck on the scale at work yesterday while no one was looking. I’ve decided to blame this weight gain on PMS. Good excuse right? I’m full of them! But seriously! You can retain 1-2lbs of water from PMS right? I certainly feel bloated and my belly is definitely sticking out the past two days. I just feel yucky.

I wasn’t perfect with the eating this week but I did do moderately well when it came to the eating half of my weight loss plan, I managed to avoid nearly all the  junk food people leave out in the nurses station. I packed my lunch each day complete with snacks of nuts/yogurt/apple so that when I was hungry I could try to eat actual food rather than junk. I started packing my lunch in my little lunch sack again each day figuring if I could stick to eating nothing but the food I bring from home that fits in my little sack that will keep me from overeating at work. I did well 🙂

I only made it to the gym once this week (that was the other half of my personal challenge). I went to one of the group fitness classes monday evening that’s a dance-workout class. Which always sounds like it will be fun (unfortunately I seem to only have rare mondays off) Other than the fact that I clearly can’t dance! I did my best to keep moving the whole time but it was a real struggle for me to pick up the dance routine quickly like the other people who go all the time. My goal is to go three days a week but work was brutal this week, the hospital is over crowded so we’re boarding inpatients that have been admitted through the ER but don’t have rooms available. So most days this week we had those patients to take care of plus whatever emergency patients walk through the door. So it’s been busier than usual. Two of the three days this week I came home from work just totally beat and didn’t have the energy to go after work. The third day I still had enough energy for the gym but I didn’t get home til midnight and the gym was obviously closed by then.

I guess the point is to just be taking baby steps… Next week my goal will definitely by to make it to the gym three times (in addition to the diet plan)


2 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Good for you!! I weighed in last week and lost a pound… not bad I guess. Better than the alternative, and gaining a pound!! 🙂 I’m back at the gym, which is good, and we’re eating a LOT healthier. We’ve been doing better and better when it comes to eating, and it’s nice. If I had to pack a lunch I don’t know if I’d be able to stay on a diet though–ack! Too much effort and by the time I get half-way through the day, the lunch I packed looks dismal!!

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