Not a Predictor

Tonight was my orientation for school. Scheduled for 4 hours of prime evening at home with my family time. What all do you really need to be oriented to as an adult student, living in your own home, commuting to a branch campus I ask you? I wasn’t going to go at all but they made it “Mandatory” on the mailing they sent out.

I went, but I wasn’t happy about it. I got my student ID made after waiting in line for 30 minutes. Got my free sandwich and sat through a painful conversation with a girl who apparently thought I looked normal enough to sit with and was probably disappointed that I wasn’t excited to be making new-best-friends with a fellow undergraduate student who would be living in a dorm on the main campus.

Then 1 hour into the procedure just before the first lecture was schedule to start I began weighing my options and ultimately decided I’d rather sit in rush hour traffic and go home than sit through a lecture titled “University Success 101″…. hopefully that’s not an indicator of my actual success in university.


One thought on “Not a Predictor

  1. You probably remember that I worked at colleges pre-kids… the mandatory meetings you could skip if you got in touch with the teacher ahead of time. Most teachers said you didn’t have to attend if you could give them a good reason… some made it part of the grade! The problem is not everybody’s like you! Most people who are taking classes need to prove themselves by jumping through these kinds of hoops. :S Was the free sandwich any good at least??

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