Today was a crazy day in the ER we’ve had two or three 60+ patient days (per 24 hours) in the last week. I know other ERs see way more but our boss who was out playing the part of charge nurse today said when he started 3yrs ago in this ER the average patients per day was in the low 20s so by comparison to that you can see the explosion. I feel like even since last Nov when I started the difference is obvious. We’ve already surpassed last fiscal year this fiscal year (a few months ago actually). Aside feon that were also getting a lot more “sick” patients (actually running out of monitors one day).

Today was one of those busy days and convieniently enough this week we went “live” with computer charting. Which may or may not turn out to be okay but it was a big mess today being busy pulled in all directions AND learning the new system.

I’m ready for bed!


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