It’s time to stop the insanity!

I know 126 isn’t obese, but I’m starting to feel that way. My shirts are bunching here and I have to shimmy a little more to get into my pants. My dress pants are pulling across the butt enough that I was a little worried they might bust on Christmas day.

When I got home from our honeymoon a mere 6 months ago I weighed 118. Not a huge change, but I’m not a big person so it’s very noticeable. Nothing’s changed, I’ve got no real excuse other than being incredibly lazy. I just haven’t managed to get into the swing of when I can squeeze a workout into a 12 hour work day, and I’ve been too lazy to go on days when I don’t work.

From time to time I go on a purging binge of the kitchen and it’s clearly way overdue given the season we’re in. We’ve traveled far and wide across the city and each time we leave a party it seems we’re handed a box of “leftovers” along with the requisite Christmas treats. We had a party yesterday and today where I managed to get rid of most of our junk food. Then today Hubbin’s family came over and brought with them a whole tray of buffalo chicken dip, an apple pie, a plate of brownies and tirimisu. You know, to go along with the pizza we were serving for lunch.

I made an official announcement this morning that today was the last junk food day and whatever was left after the party was getting pitched. This binge inspired by Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. So I went along with the plan and the big box of Christmas cookies, the bin of fudge, the tub of chocolate mousse, and the leftover apple pie (with copious caramel sauce topping) all went into the garbage.

Hubbin’s mother (bringer of the apple pie), is spending the night and apparently is not on the bandwagon with me and was pretty offended I threw away a perfectly good pie, making several comments about how more than half of it was left and it was the freshest leftover we had. (Not that she baked it or anything, it was frozen)… But still food like that burns a hole in your brain… when you know it’s in the house it’s all you can think about and I swear I can SMELL the brownies in the garbage! I felt a little guilty but really I’m doing everyone in the house a favor there’s not a soul here who needs the bonus calories (execpt maybe 16yr old Stu with his teen-boy metabolism and love of sports and weight lifting)… she has gained a good 50 lbs in the past year or two.

I regularly read Jen here, and she’s joined the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, and I’m thinking of joining their new challenge that starts 1/5/09…( Yikes! ’09! Already?!) Because I need to have some accountability for my belly and what better way than to use my blog as a tool!


2 thoughts on “126

  1. While 126 is not large at all, I understand. Anything over 135 and I’m like “ah! I’m turning into one of those people on TLC!” I’m eating the fun way until the holidays are over and then purging our cabinets, too.

  2. At first I was like, “woah, no comment section!” But then… lol I say GOOD FOR YOU for getting rid of all of the fattening stuff!! It would have been different if she had made the pie from scratch, but STILL! 126 is not obese, but five pounds here, five pounds there… it adds up (as I can attest) and it’s friggin’ hard to get rid of. So I’m ALL CHEERS for what you’re doing!

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