So as an experiment in cooking I tried a recipe  I found here for Slow Cooker Chicken Taco soup… I think you could probably also get away with calling it Chicken Tortilla Soup. It was extremely easy to make, which was good for me because I require remedial level cooking lessons and it was also an excuse for me to bust out my food processor for the FIRST TIME EVER… not even kidding it’s been sitting in my basement in the original packaging since we got married TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO! I know! That makes me a bad cook and probably a bad wife as well 😉

It was perfect because I’ve been meaning to cook more at home, but I get a little overwhelmed reading recipes when I don’t know what the ingredients are or where to find them in the grocery store. I did make one small change though, because it calls for two cans of diced tomatos with green chilis and I picked up the second can and then went, “waaaait a minute here, it says HOT right on the can… maybe I’ll substitute a can of plan old diced tomatos for the second one” I’m glad I did because it was the perfect level of zing for my wimpy Irish American tastebuds.

Now off to hunt for more easy/delicious recipes that will allow me to act all fancy using this random cooking equipment laying around in the basement 😉


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