We got tired of comcast raising our bill each month and got dish network a few months ago and got their DVR as we were addicted to our comcast DVR. Unfortunately the dish DVR is the least user friendly electronic I’ve ever interacted with Hubbin was bitch bitch bitching about it the other night and why won’t it just effing record Brotherhood for me. So he tossed me the remote and asked me to set it up while he took a shower. So I fiddled for a while and it started recording right at 9oclock.

Tonight I’m brushing my teeth and here shouting in the living room something about why did I erase our DVR. I shout down “I didn’t! I just recorded
Brotherhood for you!” “you did and then it recorded the next 72 straight hours over everything that we had saved!”

Oops. I didn’t mean too. I’m a little angry that I lost all the episodes of the shows I like to watch that I was about a month behind on >:(. Dexter, Californication, Weeds…. All gone.


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