Hubbin has been waiting for a package from UPS more than a week now. I’m not sure what the deal is with UPS in these parts but they WILL NOT leave packages at our house and everything must be signed for in person. Consequently we frequently have to drive to the facility that’s 45 min away -not a good policy for making friends-

I’m asleep at 11:15 when I hear a knock on the door, I quickly hunt for a sweatshirt because it’s against my personal policy to answer the door ever with floppy boobs. And the guy immediately says “aw, did I wake you up? Do you work nights?” I said yes, but who cares? Is it a crime against humanity to sleep in? Today is my Saturday afterall even though it might be your Friday, I like to sleep in on my days off. I don’t have any kids up at the crack of dawn so why not? (well I guess I do, but he’s not really mine and he’s old enough to pour his own bowl of cereal and walk himself to the bus stop)



So I was upstairs eating my mini-wheats at the computer when I hear another knock at the door, I peer out the upstairs window and see a dark car in the driveway with the silver trim around the windows just like Hubbin’s car. So I run down the stairs and then decide I’m going to take another peak under the blind downstairs just to see if I can see who it is. Then I see the car is a Honda and not a VW so I’m like “hell no I’m not answering the door” (This for the record is why I wanted a peep hole on the door… we don’t have one) So I’m still peering very secretly under the window blind when I see an older guy walk by carrying a bible type book followed by an older lady also carrying a bible type book. They get in the car and drive off down the road. 

Bizarre… they didn’t stop at the neighbors, they just kept going… isn’t that weird? I would think it was less weird if they were going door to door.


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