Clearly there is to be no NaBloPoMo around these parts! And it’s not like I have no stories to tell either, I have lots of ER stories and a few family stories to tell, it’s just a matter of being to tired to type when I get home and having too much home stuff to catch up on on days off. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “oh cry me a RIVER!”

And then I always hesitate to type and entry when I don’t have a clear point or topic in mind. What’s wrong with rambling anyway?

My poor mother in law is in the hospital, she fell in her driveway (in the middle of the night of course) and bashed her head in on the driveway. She’s been having TIAs (mini strokes) and this was a situation where it was hard to figure out which came first because she says she “just lost her balance” but was she dizzy before she fell? or just dizzy after? hard to say. She went to the ER near her that night and they did a catscan and glued together her forehead and sent her home but she was still dizzy about 4 days later so she went back they repeated everything and admitted her to the stroke unit. They were originally keeping her for 23hr observation but I guess were too concerned about her balance to let her go and decided to try taking her off some of her meds to see if that helped but then Hubbin told me last night after he went to visit that they’ve also now said she’s got some bruising on “a lobe of her brain” but he thinks they’ll be letting her go home soon. –of course, prior to admission to the hospital when we went over to take her dinner after her PCP appointment she came home WEARING HIGH HEELS–

Our little ER is coming on some changes (which I’m totally okay with) the health system we’re part of is rearranging some doctors from the bigger hospital down the street to our hospital and we’ve been told to expect 10-20 additional general medicine patients per day. For an ER that generally gets in the neighborhood of 30-50 pts per day that’s a big jump, plus it will be more general issues which we don’t always get much of because we’re more or less known for “female issues”… I was working one day two weeks ago and it was just steady busy all day and I made the comment to my mom that we just seemed busy today and I was tired, the next morning I came in and there was a “congratulations” sign up that we had our busiest day ever, with 60pts in one day. So I guess that will be happening a lot more.

We had a CRAZY busy night saturday night with the time change, PLUS the computers went down and we’re SO dependent on the computers, and the slowest doctor we have was working, so we had every room filled and people lined up in the hallway (sick ones too) and people in the waiting room (in the middle of the night! which is also unusual for our ER)… THEN I worked till 730pm the other night and we had more than 10 patients sign in within an hour and we were so full of genuinely sick people (not just the stupid little vag itch complaints) we had so many chest pain/ shortness of breath that was ran out of monitored beds! They had to call in the medical director to come see patients and the daylight doctor had to stay late to keep seeing patients! It’s more and more frequently becoming like a real ER!


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