Desperate for Input

I’ve got this lip issue that’s driving me CRAZY.

Once in August, I got these tiny little blisters all right where my lips meet that were painful then the skin sloughs off and it’s bright red and hurts. I blew it off a little at the time joking I had some weird herpes. It was definately NOT a cold sore though and I’ve never had one of those.

Then last week it happened again, I bought some neosporin lip therapy and it was nearly gone. This morning I was laying in bed and I could feel my heart beating in my lips and thought “uhoh, this isn’t good” I got up and there were a few of the little blisters and now tonight my lips are on FIRE and it seems like they’re missing all the skin where they meet, they’re bright red and raw. You can really see it unless I lift my lip up a little bit, it’s all red where it would be red if I had a red Popsicle.

It’s the most bizarre thing! I went to one of those urgent care places today figuring that by the time I got in to see my PCP it would be gone and then anyone’s guess… Of course the urgent care place was a waste of money, he said he thought it was a virus and I should take motrin. THANKS. Which just confirms my opinion that there’s no point in going to the doctor if you don’t already know what’s wrong.

I don’t know, I’ve never seen cold sores that weren’t at the edge of the lip or corner of the lip and it doesn’t look like any I’ve ever seen. I assume if they were just chapped there wouldn’t A: be blisters and B: it would be on the outside of my lips, not where they touch. Hubbin suggested an allergy to something… I guess that makes as much sense as anything but good lord! What could I be allergic to that I’ve never touched before august and have eaten twice in the past two weeks?

Dr Google has been no help… this is the closest picture to what it is only my red areas cover much more of my lips with less swelling. This unfortunate little dude was found on a peds nut allergy page.

Any ideas? Any at ALL?! PLEEEEASE? Hubbin’ just fed me a benedryl and I haven’t let him kiss me incase it’s some weird herpes.


2 thoughts on “Desperate for Input

  1. I have NOOOOOOOOOOO idea what it could be!!!

    And I just realized that I need to talk to you… It’ll make sense when I sent the email.

    And finally, how IN. THE. WORLD. could someone be that far along. WITH TWINS. and not know they were pregnant. Cuh-ray-zee.

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