SSFB: “…as you walk across the freshly swiffered floor. I even dusted the tops of the door frames.”

Hubbin: “Aww you love me.”

SSFB: “I just want to get laid.”

Hubbin: “I’ll settle for that.”


2 thoughts on “Swiffer

  1. Bwwwaaahhhhhaaaa-haaaa-haaa! That was so funny! I wish I were as clever. 🙂

    CONGRATS on passing your test!!! Was the $8 required, or was it just to find out early? They should include all of the fees up front…….

  2. It was not required, just to find out early… It is ridiculous though, because taking the test itself is $200 and then you’re just desperate for the results and can’t take a deep breath till you find out.

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