Skipping the Potty Training

I know I have a TON of studying to do, but I am falling a bit far behind with posting, so maybe one quick post and I’ll get back to my practice tests (the NCLEX is a week from right this minute! And I have 3.5 days left to study!)

So we skipped a whole lot of parenting stages with Stu, but stumbled right into the next big one. I was in the kitchen casually chatting with Hubbin about Stu and I made some comment about him looking for American girls and Hubbin said “Hmm, I don’t know if he’s ever had a girlfriend?” and I spit out “Well he brought CONDOMS with him from Germ” Hubbin nearly exploded “WHAT?! How do you know that?” “Because he left his toiletry bag in the bathroom and they were right on top”

When Stu arrived we were in the middle of repainting the bathroom and making a few other adjustments, so I came in one morning to find that Hubbin (as usual) had finished painting for the evening and not cleaned the bathroom back up. Stu has one of those travel bathroom bags with a hook for hanging on the back of the door and it was laying on the floor of the tub. So I picked it up and hung it back up, and what did I see….

Aside from that, I am a snoop and (he’s living in my house ) I’m not ashamed.

Hubbin of course thought this was all absolutely hysterical and immediately decided he was going to go up to Stu before the next time he went out in the evening and pretend like he was going to give him “The Sex Talk”… LOL. (Do keep in mind we had known this kid for maybe two weeks at this point) AWKWARD… I was giggling quite a bit, poor kid. First he clogs up the toilet, now his host dad is going to sit him down for a sex talk. LOL

Anyway, so Hubbin did. The next time Stu made plans to go out for the evening Hubbin went up to him and said he felt like he needed to explain a few things about men and women to him, and then goes “I’m just kidding, I saw you brought condoms with you” and you know what Stu said? He said “Well you have to be safe”….

Aside from “Not in my house!” What do you really say to that? It’s true? With all those STDs and unplanned pregnancies I see at work? Hubbin said he actually felt a little better about the situation knowing Stu actually knows how to properly use a condom rather than just winging it.

This is just one more example of how it’s kind of strange having someone else’s kid living with you. Because I do realize Europe is generally much more liberal about things like that than I know I am, and I know hubbin in many respects is very European. So while you can make restrictions, it’s still not your kid, you didn’t raise him, and he doesn’t share your value system necessarily. In a follow up conversation a week or so later Hubbin was asking Stu about his parents and what they were like and Stu told Hubbin his dad was just like Hubbin, that his dad told him if he brought a PS3 back from the US with no condoms gone unused he would buy the PS3 for him. A joke really, but still, gives you more of a picture that his parents know what’s going on with that stuff. -and he only brought like 3 or 4 anyway, so don’t get too up in arms-


One thought on “Skipping the Potty Training

  1. Wow. I absolutely wouldn’t know what to say to that. Do foreign exchange students even think about sex? Aren’t they just concerned with being immersed in American culture…::snickers:: just kidding.

    Glad Hubbin took care of the situation. You might want to do the “loud announcing/stomping when going near his room” trick just in case, though. tee hee hee

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