Saved by the Hubbin! Hubbin just returned from Starbucks with a gift of iced coffee, bless his little soul!

I’m taking practice tests on my computer right now with my Mosby’s NCLEX CD. I can feel my brain slowly shriveling up and dying. I don’t know if it’s because I was up too late last night (1:30am), had a glass of wine after work (we were swamped and I barely sat down all day at work so I deserved it), or if its because I overslept (is that even possible?) til 11:30am. Anyway…

I’m not doing so well on the practice tests this morning, there’s part of me that feels like these practice tests are almost counter productive because they make me stressed like “holy shit I just got 50% on that section, I’m going to fail the NCLEX for SURE” or “The lady said to regularly get over a 75% before taking it and I’ve only been regularly scoring 74%, should I cancel the test?”

It’s a weird combination of being terrified of failing and at the same time not really honestly believing I would….

More questions.


2 thoughts on “Saved

  1. Love the updates!!! I KNEW that Stu would be staying with you! That just verifies that we’re brilliant, you and I. I’ll bet hubbin’s thrilled. 😀

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